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15 May 26 is born in Hamburg, Germany
41 has to leave school for a year of compulsory farm labor, which is required by the Nazi government
? marries German director Georg Thiess. He's about 11 years her senior.
44 gives birth to her daughter Manuela
May 45 is bombed out of her home in Hamburg and has to flee from the advancing Russian troops
4 June 45 gives birth to her son Michael
Fall 50 lands a modeling job with Heute magazine in Munich and plays at the Kammerspiele Theater. She was unhappily married to German director Georg Thiess.
51 while making her screen tests, she stays at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
June 51 gets an option from RKO and a trip to the U.S. for screen tests
52 attends all parties in Hollywood dateless
is voted "Most Promising Star of 1952" by Modern Screen
24 April 52 / 53 meets actor Robert Taylor, the ex of Barbara Stanwyck, on a studio-arranged date
? is off to India for the filming of Monsoon. She stays at the Taj Mahal Hotel, and director Rod Amateau becomes a lifelong friend.
August 52 will star in the upcoming Size 12
53 receives the Golden Globe Award
dates Taylor off and on, but he won’t make a commitment
May 53 was left alone by Taylor at the opening of The Sands in Las Vegas. In the meantime, he was out with Yvonne De Carlo, who would like him to do it more often.
June 53 is to be seen in Son of Sinbad
November 53 if Robert Taylor won't marry her until New Year's, they won't marry at all, because she's tired of waiting
December 53 plans to bring her two kiddies from Berlin to Hollywood. There are rumors Robert Taylor will now wed her.
54 becomes good friends with co-star Robert Stack during the filming of The Iron Glove
because of her beauty, she becomes the object of Arlene Dahl’s jealousy during the filming of Bengal Brigade
January 54 she will remain in Hollywood while Taylor returns to England soon for the filming of Knights of the Round Table
March 54 lovely ballerina Ludmilla Tcherina breaks up with Robert Taylor before he breaks up with Ursula
4 May 54 marries Robert Taylor aboard a boat on Jackson Lake, Wyoming
? films The Americano on location in Brazil and in Riverside, California
gets her driving license
has a social life with the David Nivens, Ray Milland, George Sanders, Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding, Lita Baron and Rory Calhoun, Peggy Moran and Henry Koster, and Lana Turner and Lex Barker
Clark Gable gives her shooting lessons
pregnant, she accompanies Taylor to England for the filming of Quentin Durward. They stay at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
May 55 is one of only three stars under contract by RKO
Mid-55 her son Terrence is born
56 films Bandido in Mexico City and on location in Tepoztian. Co-star Gilbert Roland takes her out and tells her all about bullfighting.
August 56 Robert Taylor refuses to pose for publicity pictures with her
meets Taylor and the Bob Mitchums in Acapulco
she and Taylor are guests of honor at a party thrown at Romanoff’s, Los Angeles, by the Mitchums. A drunken and uninvited Barbara Stanwyck tries to crash the party, looking for "Taylor and his German broad"
April 58 goes with her husband to the High Sierras for The Law and Jack Wade
16 August 59 her daughter Theresa is born
8 June 69 her marriage ends with Taylor's death from cancer in Santa Monica
c. May 69 her son Michael Thiess dies at age 23 from a drug overdose two weeks before Taylor
11 June 69 attends Taylor’s funeral services at the Church of the Recessional in Glendale, California. Governor Ronald Reagan delivers the eulogy. With the governor is his wife, Nancy Reagan.
c. 73 marries Marshall Schacker, an international film distributor, and spends her time between Hawaii and Los Angeles
86 becomes the widow of Schacker
03 publishes But I Have Promises to Keep... My Life Before, With & After Robert Taylor
her address is 1940 Bel Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077
19 June 10 dies at age 86 in an assisted living care facility in Burbank. She is survived by three of her four children, Manuela, Terry, and Tessa.
? is interred alongside Robert Taylor and her son Michael at the Garden of Honor, Columbarium of the Evening Star, Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California
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