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2 September 40 is born in Kansas City, Kansas, to Lawrence Gray Trickett and his wife, Doris Belle Waite. Her father is one of greater Kansas City's leading pro golfers of the 1930s and early '40s and will become an engineer for the Hinde & Dauche Paper Company in Omaha.
c. 43 her sister Beth is born
c. 48 her brother Barry is born
53 her brother Jeffrey is born
? attends Roosevelt and Parker grade schools and Northwest Junior High in Kansas City, Kansas
55 graduates with honors
? moves with her parents to Omaha, Nebraska
? attends Brownell Hall, a private girls school in Omaha
? takes a freshman year of college as a chemistry major at Omaha University
c. 58 her sister Amy is born
November 58 is among ten Nebraskan girls named finalists in the "Miss Nebraska Press Photographer Contest" in Omaha. The winner will be selected November 29.
29 November 58 she and Sylvia Bathe are named runners-up to 20-year-old Judy Jones from Omaha as "Miss Nebraska," picked by the press photographers in Omaha
59 is "Miss Omaha" in the "Miss Universe" competition
? following the contest, she visits an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Oursler in Phoenix, Arizona, who are exhibiting horses at an area show, as is Tab Hunter. He is attracted by her good looks and introduces himself. The two have several dates, after which Hunter contacts his agent in Hollywood and convinces him that he had discovered a real film prospect. / meets Tab Hunter at a Del Mar horse show
? has interviews with four leading studios. All evince interest.
? begins drama lessons on the Columbia lot
December 59 signs a 7-year-contract with Columbia Pictures
Christmas 59 visits her friends in Kansas City, Kansas
Late December 59 still a minor, her parents in Omaha have to sign her contract
Early 60 lives at the Hollywood Studio Club along with 99 other motion picture hopefuls. "She is the first Studio Club resident since Kim Novak to sign with a major studio."
11 June 60 marries Richard V. Herre, Jr., of 6350 Seward, Omaha, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple met when both were students at the University of Omaha.
September 60 is selected as the studio's Deb star for 1960
Fall 60 joins the Pepe troupe for location filming in Vista Hermosa Mexico. Dan Daily calls her Tricky Vickett.
28 November 60 begins shooting for Gidget Goes Hawaiian in the Hawaiian Islands
January 61 columnist Lee Mortimer reports Tab Hunter returning to her
21 January 61 is on hand as queen of the Los Angeles Invitational indoor track meet
columnist Hedda Hopper names her as one of her new faces selections for the year
February 61 ads tag her a NBC television actress of "The Tab Hunter Show"
April 61 columnist Hedda Hopper reports that Vicki gets her first trip to London when she stars in Blood River
May 61 columnist Hedda Hopper names her one of the "New Faces of '61"
is scheduled for Blood River, to be filmed in England
Mid-May 61 is tourney queen of the World Entertainment Golf Championship held at Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park, California. Together with actors Dennis O'Keefe and Bob Wilkie, she poses for the press.
June 61 tagged a "Hollywood Bachelor Girl," she's pictured dancing with one of her dates, Bob Bennett
December 61 she and Herre "the husband she kept under wraps while she was dating Tab Hunter as a publicity pitch to get a foothold in Hollywood, are expecting their first child. The Herre heir is due in July."
12 July 62 her daughter, Symea, is a born in Los Angeles. Her name is a combination of "Symphony" and "Medea."
August 63 when asked about her divorce, columnist Mike Connolly replies: "It took Vicky exactly a day to discover she wasn't happily married anymore. Some women are like that."
October 63 is granted a divorce from Herre in Omaha and is given custody of her one-year-old daughter, Symea. She charges Herre with cruelty. He doesn't contest. District Judge Patrick Lynch orders him to pay $80. She now lives at her parent's home in Omaha.
9 October 63 marries Donald E. Kennedy in Las Vegas, Nevada
? divorces Kennedy
18 August 72 marries James G. Lindblad in California. He’s 36; she 31.
15 as Vicki Lindblad, she resides in San Juan Capistrano
30 August 21 dies at age 82
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