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(Martha MacVicar)
28 May 25 is born to James S. and Frances MacVicar, in Ann Arbor, Michigan
? attends schools in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, St. Petersburg, and Long Beach
? becomes a model for still photographer William Mortensen. Her posing leads to a screen contract with David O. Selznick.
17 November 44 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
December 44 is seen cheek to cheek with director John Brahm. They're getting serious.
11 May 45 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
18 May 45 is on the cover of Yank, The Army Weekly
15 September 45 her plans to marry Hollywood automobile dealer Al Herd never materialize
November 45 is seen out with actor Jimmy Stewart
dates actors Alexander D'Arcy and James Stewart
December 45 enjoys a quite romance with James Stewart
July 46 is seen out with actor Russell Arms
August 46 is romanced by actor Don Alvarado
November 46 carries a torch for director Freddie de Cordova during the filming of Love and Learn
February 47 is crowned "Miss Timber" by members of the Northeastern Retail Lumbermen's Association
March 48 she and studio publicist Andrew. C. Lyles, Jr., obtain a marriage license in Los Angeles
15 March 48 marries Lyles. He's 29; she's 22. It’s the first marriage for both.
July 48 she and Lyles separate
28 September 48 files for divorce in San Fernando. She claims her husband was so jealous he wouldn't allow her friends in the house.
December 48 she and Cliff Henderson discover each other
January 49 meets Mickey Rooney, the ex of Ava Gardner and Betty Jane Rase, at a party at Ciro's
two days later Rooney asks her for a date, and she invites him for dinner, at her home in the Valley, where she still lives with her parents
the next evening the MacVicars are invited for a duck dinner at Mickey's little bachelor house in Laurel Canyon
the next day Mickey introduces her to his mother
she and actor Mickey Rooney announce their engagement. She towers six inches over her future husband. They have to wait until her divorce from A. C. Lyles becomes final.
15 April 49 goes to Las Vegas, Nevada, to fasten her divorce from Lyles. Under California's one-year rule, the interlocutory decree will not be final until fall.
May 49 her divorce from Lyles becomes final
3 June 49 marries Rooney at North Hollywood Christ Memorial Unity Church. Just 6 hours earlier Rooney received his final divorce papers from former wife Betty Jane Rase.
Mickey affectionately calls her Mart, and they move into a small bungalow at 4723 White Oak Avenue, Encino, the former home of Spencer Tracy
June 49 she and Mickey plan a Paris honeymoon in the fall
? due to Rooney's marathon drinking, their marriage deteriorates quickly
End 49 their marriage is on the verge of total collapse
12/13 April 50 their son, Ted Michael, is born at Valley Hospital
October 50 her ailing condition has Mickey at her bedside 24 hours a day
is fed up and asks Mickey for a divorce
December 50 the Rooneys part
16 December 50 there's a truce between her and Mickey, who returns to their White Oak Avenue house
March 51 the Rooneys reconcile
June 51 files a divorce suit from Rooney, charging cruelty and claiming custody of their son
Summer 51 the Rooneys part again
11 June 51 files for divorce, charging Rooney with extreme cruelty
24/25 September 51 her divorce is granted, giving her custody of their son, $150-a-month for his support, and a descending scale of alimony, from $2,000 a month, to $300 a month, in eight years. Rooney will later claim she was frigid.
January 52 Mickey wants to patch up their marriage and seeks reconciliation with her. Martha doesn't say yes or no.
Mickey feuds with Martha's girlfriends and blames them for keeping her from remarrying him
December 52 is ringside at the Mocambo with cattle rancher Bob Lane
April 53 has a crush on actor Jose Garcia. They are seen frequently at the Sportsmen's Lodge.
June 53 she and Bill Josephy are ringside at Ray Anthony's opening at Ciro's
July 53 is escorted by Eddie Robinson to Charley Boy's Supper Club to see Lynn Carter and his four Cartiers
is a twosome with actor Carl Neubert, the ex of actress Ruth Warrick
is seen at the Tallyho with escort Blake Garner
1 October 54 marries wealthy Chilean polo player-turned-actor, Manuel F. Rojas, in Mexicali, just across the border from Calexico, California. He will play in films like The Magnificent Matador and Buchanan Rides Alone.
2 June 55 her daughter Maria Christina, "Tina," is born in Hollywood
April 57 seeks a divorce from Rojas
May 57 her friends think she and Rojas will reconcile
October 57 there's plenty of excitement around the Vickers-Rojas household, including Martha's 7-year-old son, Teddy
August 59 she and her son, Teddy, will star in a new situation comedy, "The Babysitters," backed by Music Corporation of America
6 April 64 her daughter Marta Teresa, "Tessa," is born
5 May 64 / 65 is granted a divorce from Rojas on grounds he left her four or five times during their 10-year marriage. She claims Rojas, a former actor now steel importer, "wanted his freedom and didn't want to be encumbered with the responsibility of marriage."
2 November 71 dies at age 46 after a brief bout with cancer of the esophagus at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Hollywood, California. Among her survivors are her daughters, Tina and Tessa Rojas, and her son, Ted.
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