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(Elinor Joan Vohs)
30 July 27 is born in St. Albans, New York, one of three sisters; the others are Sally and Billie. Her father’s an electrician.
? is the Rockettes' youngest chorine
45 in the chorus of the Broadway musical Follow the Girls
49 is given a motion picture contract by Warner Brothers and goes to California with her family
Early 50s stars in a series of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales shot in Denmark
54 catches the producer's eye when she's a bit player in Sabrina
August 54 is crazy about singer-actor Tom Morton
January 55 has no steady beau yet
59 marries Universal director-producer John G. Stephens. The couple settles in Tarzana.
29 January 60 her son, William C., is born in Los Angeles
11 August 61 her daughter, Laurie A., is born in Los Angeles
4 June 01 as Joan V. Stephens, she dies at age 73 of heart failure in Tarzana, California. She is survived by her husband, John Stephens; two children, Bill and Laurie; one sister, Millicent McGrath; and one grandson.
December 04 Stephens publishes his book From My Three Sons to Major Dad, which is dedicated to her
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