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(Susan Ker Weld)
27 August 43 is born in New York City. Her father's Lothrop Weld from Boston; her mother's Aileen Weld, a former model.
46 she's only three when her father dies from heart failure
her family moves to Manhattan's Lower East Side
works for five years as a fashion and catalog model for Best and Company and becomes one of the most sought-after child models in New York
53 at only ten years of age she starts drinking and smoking heavily due to the constant pressures of auditioning and the fear of failure
54 has her first love affair
55 at age 12 she starts playing child roles on television programs
attempts suicide with an overdose of pills and gin for the first time after her love for a gay man doesn't work out
56 newcomer Connie Francis is hired to sing Tuesday's songs in her first movie, Rock, Rock, Rock, filmed in New York
18 April 58 discovered by agent Dick Clayton, she and her mother leave New York for Hollywood
58 young actor Tab Hunter escorts her to her first Hollywood premiere. They remain friends.
59 columnist Louella Parsons declares her not a good representative for the motion picture industry
has a real feud with co-star Dwayne Hickman while filming her hit TV series "The Loves of Dobie Gillis." A few months later she's dropped because some consider her too sexy for a family-oriented show.
rumors circulate that she's dating Frank Sinatra and Raymond Burr
has a most publicized romance with actor John Ireland, the ex of actress Joanne Dru
her dates include Dennis Hopper, Tommy Sands, Tony Perkins, and Pat Wayne
director Stanley Kubrick wants her for the title role in Lolita
shares the "Most Promising Newcomer" award at the Golden Globe Awards with Angie Dickinson and Stella Stevens
September 59 she meets Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, who's visiting California
she buys a $35,000 split-level home in the Hollywood Hills
60 her driving habits are becoming notorious around Hollywood. She's had six cars in the last year.
May 60 meets Elvis Presley by accident on the Fox lot. Both are instantly attracted to each other.
October 60 dates Dick Beymer, her co-star in High Time, and Fabian
stops dating Richard Beymer
while filming The Private Lives of Adam and Eve, she has a brief and stormy relationship with Zugsmith's discovery John Drew Barrymore, the ex of Cara Williams
17 April 61 attends the Academy Awards ceremony with young nominee Sal Mineo
61 the filming of Wild in the Country unites her with John Ireland, Gary Lockwood, and Elvis. Causes a mild stir by insisting that her white Alsatian dog be allowed on the set, in violation of studio regulations.
when the Colonel demands that Elvis stop seeing Tuesday, the two have a violent argument
June 61 graduates from the Hollywood Professional School
20th Century-Fox signs her to a lucrative six-picture deal, at $35,000 per picture
Summer 61 goes steady with Gary Lockwood while filming Return to Peyton Place, where she plays opposite former lover Richard Beymer. He met her on the set of Wild in the Country. Tuesday hints they may marry on her eighteenth birthday.
October 61 she and Lockwood star in the pilot for the television series "Bus Stop." The series will later feature Joan Freeman and Rhodes Reason.
62 makes a pilot for Desilu called "Working Girl." The series never materializes.
October 62 George Hamilton goes for her only temporarily
December 62 Louella Parsons reports that Tuesday accidentally hit Lockwood over the head with a telephone, knocking him unconscious. Later she tries to run him down with her car on Sunset Boulevard.
63 accompanies Bob Hope on his Christmas tour of Mediterranean bases. In Athens they are personally welcomed by Prince Constantine and Princess Helen of Greece.
64 nearly lands the starring role in Of Human Bondage when director Henry Hathaway proves to be completely incompatible with star Kim Novak
writer Tom Mankiewicz keeps rotating among her, Inger Stevens, and Carol Lynley
13 April 64 presents the Oscar for sound effects at the Academy Awards ceremonies, held at the Santa Monica Auditorium
August 64 does the Watusi at Tom Tryon's housewarming party
December 64 due to director Sam Peckinpah, she replaces Sharon Tate in The Cincinnati Kid
June 65 is off to Europe for some nude posing
13 July 65 joins Bob Hope on his tour to the Dominican Republic
October 65 marries young screenwriter Claude Harz, Roddy McDowall's secretary. McDowall serves as the best man. Her mother doesn't approve.
nearly wins the Best Actress Award at the Berlin Film Festival for her performance in Lord Love a Duck
66 Warren Beatty, her former co-star in "The Loves of Dobie Gillis," offers her the role of Bonnie Parker in his upcoming Bonnie and Clyde, but she refuses because she's pregnant with her first daughter
her daughter Natasha is born
68 lives for a year in London
Late 60s rejects leading roles in True Grit, Cactus Flower, and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
c. 70 her house in California burns down, and her daughter is saved by accident
71 divorces Harz and begins dating comedian David Steinberg
rejects the leading female role in Polanski's Macbeth
72 becomes romantically involved with actor Al Pacino, who broke off a five-year relationship with actress Jill Clayburgh
November 73 meets comedian Dudley Moore while he performs on Broadway in Good Evening
20 September 75 marries Dudley Moore in Las Vegas. She moves into his mansion in London.
March 76 her son Patrick is born
80 divorces Moore; she is granted custody of their son
83 meets superstar violinist, Israeli-born Pinchas Zukerman at a concert
18 October 85 marries Zukerman. Her new husband presents her with a cream-colored Bentley.
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