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16 September 16 is born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her father owns a small electrical shop.
graduates from Manual Arts High School
? makes her home in Pueblo, Colorado
? moves from Idaho to California
? is a hairdresser when discovered by Hollywood painter Azadia Newman. Azadia paints her because of her piquant face and rich auburn hair.
? works as a manicurist at Patrick Rogan’s establishment on Hollywood Boulevard, where she’s spotted by director H. Bruce Humberstone and recommended to Darryl F. Zanuck
May 37 has a court-approved contract by which she will earn from $50 to $300 a week during the next seven years
? is rumored for the Scarlett O'Hara role in the upcoming Gone with the Wind
? her name is linked with that of actress Alice Faye's brother Bill
February 38 20th Century-Fox slaps a 3-year non-marriage clause into her contract
March 38 gives a dinner for director Lucky Humberstone, "who first discovered her in a manicurist shop"
20th Century-Fox declares she washes the family dishes every night
April 38 Hollywoodites are reported chuckling about her, "the ex-manicurist, who's been going places with Fox's English importation, Richard Greene. After their third date she started talking with an English accent."
Late April 38 columnist Louella Parsons reports her being Tyrone Power's latest heartthrob, "if that cooing at the Brown Derby means anything: apparently but apparently there was no way of smoothing over the difficulties which started a year ago."
July 38 is best girl of British newcomer Richard Greene
September 38 Greene says he would like to marry her, but he can't afford it
because of night work in Greene's upcoming Submarine Patrol, they haven't much chance to see one another
? starts to date Tyrone Power since his broken almost-engagement to fellow actress Janet Gaynor
October 38 loses the lead in Jesse James to Nancy Kelly
attends Darryl F. Zanuck's preview of Suez with Tyrone Power. His mother and agent are chaperones.
dines at the Tropics with Richard Greene. The next day they are off to San Diego for the world premiere of Submarine Patrol.
November 38 spends a Palm Springs weekend with fellow actress Marjorie Weaver and her mother while Greene is away on an Arizona hunting trip
January 39 her head man is still Richard Greene in spite of the big rush she gets from billionaire Howard Hughes
February 39 throws a party at La Conga. Her escort is 30-year-old actor Alexander D'Arcy; her girlfriend, actress Nancy Kelly, goes with Robert Lowery. Her parents attend, too.
July 39 has an on-again, off-again romance with D'Arcy. The film colony awaits news of an elopement in the immediate future.
December 39 she and actress Joy Hodges are guests of the Pittsburgh Symphony in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
March 40 is in hearty accord with actor Paul Draper
2 September 40 marries D'Arcy in a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel suite. The couple motors in from Hollywood and starts their return trip soon after the ceremony. He's 31; she's 26.
42 is on Broadway for a year in the hit comedy The Doughgirls, with Arlene Francis and Doris Nolan
May 42 Gary Grant, who is a good friend of both hers and Alex, does his utmost to bring them to reconcile
November 42 there will be no divorce from D'Arcy because he won't give her one, and she can't divorce him since the application was made after he was drafted
December 42 is reported having cocktails at the Madison "with an important Washington official..."
January 43 columnist Edith Gwynn reports her "very upset because Alex D'Arcy won't let her divorce him. Because it upsets a lot of her plans..."
? is on the New York stage in Doughgirls
March 43 spends her free moments "at the Stork Club and elsewhere, with Jack Pulitzer; dining at a quiet spot at a table for two..."
18 August 43 is granted a divorce from D'Arcy in Hollywood after a 3-year marriage. She claims D'Arcy was an "extremely supersensitive person" and charges that he interfered with her work by outbursts of temperament. Their elopement in September 1940 had been much against objections of her parents. He's 39; she's 26.
October 43 Parsons reports D'Arcy at Marcel La Maze's with a dead ringer for Arleen
43 marries Paramount Pictures New York executive, Hugh Owen
July 44 is seen at the cub room of the Gay Blades in New York
45 is on Broadway with Hugh Herbert and Catherine Doucet in Oh Brother!
August 45 has never made a Technicolor movie. Disappointed, she turns her back on Hollywood and goes to New York.
she and her husband live on the 40th floor of a big New York hotel
Fall 45 is the lead in Broadway's Comedy Francais
February 46 denies she expects the stork
January 47 spends two weeks in Palm Springs with her estranged husband, Hugh Owen. There are rumors they may reconcile.
June 47 upon her return to New York, she promises to never let another movie job come between her and her husband
January 49 won't return to New York with "her ever lovin' husband Hugh Owen, and for a good reason,” as Louella Parsons reports: "My red-haired friend has signed for Dear Wife, the sequel to Dear Ruth, at Paramount along with Bill Holden and Joan Caulfield. 'Funny part is,' Arleen told me, 'I've been busy playing dear wife in private life golfing and going to movies with Hugh on our vacation out here. Now I'm going to be the other woman.'"
March 49 is reported one of Hollywood's most avid baseball fans. "Her pop, Art Whelan, performed with a half dozen western minor leagues when she was a kid..."
April 50 is one of Hollywood's top female golfers
July 50 when not in a picture, she lives in New York with her husband, Hugh Owen
Summer 52 receives a letter from her husband asking her to get a divorce
May 53 actor John Payne rushes her at Betty Furness’ party
July 53 she and Owen celebrate their reconciliation by togethering
Mid-November 53 obtains a divorce and $500 monthly alimony from Owen in Santa Monica, California. She charges mental cruelty and testifies that her husband "just wanted to be a bachelor." She says that in the summer of 1952 she received a letter from Owen, who was in New York, asking her to get a divorce. Owens will start a romance with socialite Alma Knight in 1956.
February 54 there are rumors she will marry 44-year-old Hyatt Robert von Dehn, building contractor and former husband of singer-actress Ginny Simms
Early March 55 is sent to Palm Springs on orders from her doctor to take a 10-day rest
August 55 is seen with Warner Brothers TV manager, Gary Stevens
October 55 is considered for Alan Ladd's upcoming Santiago. Her part eventually goes to Italian newcomer Rosanna Podesta.
her big man of the moment is Universal-International executive Bob Rains
is reported resuming the career she gave up for marriage
December 55 she and Rains appear ready for the orange blossoms and flat silver
January 57 is seen at the Captain's Table with Hyatt von Dehn
March 57 is seen at the Bantam Cock on La Cienega's Restaurant Row with Joe Kirkwood, Jr.
May 57 her escort at Chandler's is 57-year-old actor-composer Hoagy Carmichael
June 59 attends Frank Sinatra's Share Boomtown party at the Moulin Rouge with Dr. Warren O. Cagney
October 59 there are rumors she will marry Cagney but he's a "twosome of the week" with actress Dorothy Malone at the 7 Chefs
c. March 60 marries Cagney in San Francisco. He's 40, she's 43.
26 May 61 files for divorce from Cagney in Santa Monica, California, after a 15-month marriage. She charges cruelty. Cagney will die at age 82 in 2002 in Santa Monica.
July 61 is in Santa Monica Superior Court asking $1,150 a month alimony from Cagney testifying that she has not had a movie or television contract for the past four or five years. The court entitles her to $600 a month temporary alimony.
Late 80s when D'Arcy is told she is living in Laguna Niguel, California, he phones her. She has not heard his voice in more than forty-two years and hangs up immediately.
7 April 93 as Arleen W. Cagney, she dies at age 76 in Laguna Niguel, California, from a stroke
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