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13 May 37 is born in Ottumwa, Iowa. Her father teaches agricultural economics at Iowa State University.
? plays the title role in The Little Fir Tree at age 8
? attends high school and Ohio Wesleyan University
? graduates from the University of Michigan
works as a secretary at CBS, where she is fired by Ed Sullivan because her shorthand is lousy
? is senior typist for children's television star Captain Kangaroo
63 will save $10,000 this year
is chosen as one of the six finalists in the "Miss Rheingold" contest, together with fellow aspiring actresses Eileen O'Neill and Chris Noel
June 63 is on the cover of Chicago Tribune's TV Week, starring in "Mystery Theater"
? is a New York television actress when spotted by East Coast Universal talent recruiter Eleanor Kilgallen, sister of Dorothy, who arranges a screen test with Revue Studios
? is flown to California and signs a seven-year contract
? Monique James talks her into doing a pilot for Universal Studios, "The Munsters"
? tearfully, she asks her friend, television actor Wayne Rogers, for advice. When the pilot is sold, she's forced to do at least 13 episodes before returning to New York.
? during the filming of "The Munsters," she constantly bursts into tears and runs to the ladies room
? her 13-year old co-star, Butch Patrick, has a juvenile crush on her. She takes him to see Mary Poppins at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
64 despite working in Los Angeles, her home is still in New York
17 December 64 "Family Portrait," her last episode of "The Munsters," airs as she leaves for New York to get married
December 64 marries Jon Stone, a director on "Sesame Street," with whom she will have two daughters
71 is hired to play Lenore Moore on "Another World," but is replaced by Susan Sullivan, before taping her first show. Susan is free to accept the role when "A World Apart," in which she played Dr. Paula McCrea, is cancelled.
c. 74 divorces Stone after nine years of marriage. Stone will die at age 65 in 1997 in New York City.
89 gets her master's degree in early American history
attends the 25th anniversary of "The Munsters" and resides in New York City
00 lives in Vermont, and has two daughters named Polly and Kate

21 February 19 dies at age 81 at her Vermont home of ovarian cancer
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