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(? Siggins)
22 July 30 is born in London, England, to Arthur James Siggins, a New Zealand policeman-turned-writer, and his wife Molly Adair, a silent screen actress of Irish-American descent
? while still a baby, she moves with her parents and three siblings to New Zealand
? after six years in New Zealand, she moves back to England
? works for four years on a farm in North Wales
? is a shop girl, secretary, and window dresser before becoming a model
51 marries Jim Adams, an American naval worker
c. 52 her daughter Tina / Romina is born
53 her marriage to Adams is dissolved
54 is discovered by producer A. R. Broccoli while an extra in The Black Knight
54 while filming The Young Lovers, she’s heralded as Britain’s Marilyn Monroe
July 54 columnist Erskine Johnson knows: "Reports of a reconciliation of Don Taylor and Phyllis Avery were unfounded. Phyllis may have sailed to Europe, but it wasn't to join Don, who's making The Men of Sherwood Forest in London and dating pretty Jill Adams, a movie starlet..."
25 September 54 is on the cover of Picturegoer
October 54 is adopted by the men of the 19th Independent Infantry Brigade serving with the Middle East Light Forces
December 54 columnist Earl Wilson tells. "Jill Adams, of 'The Vise' TVer, is the latest to be billed as 'the new Marilyn Monroe'..."
March 55 is reported going places with Gene Nelson
14 May 55 is on the cover of Picturegoer
April 57 marries BBC newsreader Peter Haigh at an Isle of Wright registration office

? her daughter Louise is born
early 70s the Haighs move to Albufeira, Portugal, to run a bar and a hotel
76 divorces Haigh
? runs restaurants with Mike Johnson
? moves to various parts of Spain with Alan "Buster" Jones
13 May 08 dies at age 77 from cancer. She is survived by her two daughters.
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