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16 August 28 is born in Mount Kisco, New York, to Harry Blyth and Nan Lynch
? her parents separate early, and she moves into an apartment on East 31st Street, New York City, with her mother and sister
? attends Catholic schools
c 37 is a member of New York’s Children’s Opera
? while playing the Biltmore Theatre in Los Angeles during a tour, she’s spotted by director Henry Koster, who gives her a screen test. She’s signed to a term contract.
45 while on vacation at Lake Arrowhead, she is hurled from a toboggan and breaks her back. Doctors suspect she may never walk again, but she recovers after 14 months.
46 her mother dies, and she moves to her uncle and aunt’s house in the San Fernando Valley
November 48 almost marries fellow player Lon McCallister
September 50 she and young actor Richard Long are getting steadier and steadier
October 51 attends the premiere of Bright Victory at the Carthay Circle with Dick Clayton
Late 51 is given a Cadillac and a swimming pool by billionaire Howard Hughes
December 51 attends the Ice Follies of 1952 with Dick Clayton
52 Diana Lynn becomes her last-minute replacement in Meet Me at the Fair
May 52 is a new two-around-town with the little brother of Maureen O’Hara
27 June 53 marries obstetrician Dr. James Vincent McNulty in North Hollywood. She’s twenty-four; he’s thirty-five. She was introduced to him by his brother, singer-comedian Dennis Day. Bridesmaids are actresses Joan Leslie, Jane Withers, and Betty Lynn.
January 54 attends the Ice Follies with husband Dr. James McNulty
March 54 attends the Oriental welcome-back party for Korean homecomers Terry Moore and Susan Zanuck, at Ciro's, with her husband
10 June 54 her son Timothy Patrick is born in Los Angeles
14 December 55 her daughter Maureen Ann is born in Los Angeles
June 55 wins the Star of David Medallion
December 55 attends Herman Hover’s cocktail party for Sammy Davis, Jr., at Ciro’s
23 December 57 her daughter Kathleen Mary is born in Los Angeles
May 57 does an advertisement for Lustre Creme Shampoo
9 December 60 her son Terence Grady is born in Los Angeles
10 April 63 her daughter Eileen Alana is born in Los Angeles
66-67 replaces Shirley Jones on tour in Wait Until Dark
73 being devout Catholics, she and her husband are awarded the rank of Lady and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre by Cardinal Cooke
91 lives with her family in Los Angeles
06 resides near San Diego
13 May 07 becomes the widow of McNulty, who dies at age 89 in La Jolla, California
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