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(Dzuli Ege)
12 November 43 is born in Sandnes, Norway, the daughter of a potter
? starts modeling at age 16
62 is crowned “Miss Norway”
June 62 is among the "Miss Universe" hopefuls displaying their charms in New York. The others are Monica Ragby, Sweden; Nouhad Kabbabe, Lebanon; Sezar Gulay, Turkey; Hazoume Gillette, Dahomey; Jarvinea Ansa Aulikki, Finland; Marianne Van Der Hayden, Holland; Kodesch Fernande, Luxembourg; Jeanette Buenaventes, Morocco; Christine Delit, Belgium; Sabine Surget, France; and Conchita Roig, Spain.
6 - 16 July 62 attends the "Miss Universe" contest in Miami Beach
? returns to Norway and marries Erland Skatten, a Norwegian farmer
? takes drama lessons from a Scandinavian actress and earns her living by modeling
? goes to Oslo and tries her luck in television
? divorces Skatten
c. 65 marries Alf Kruger-Monsen, a dental researcher 15 / 16 years her senior
c. 67 goes to England and works as a $5.80-a-week au pair for a family in London's Golders Green in order to learn English / takes a job in North London and studies at the Berlitz School
April 67 tagged a Norwegian actress, she's pictured posing in London's Hyde Park
June 68 columnist Suzy notes her with producer Sam Spiegel at a swell party at Lord Rothermere son's flat in Belgravia
69 spends two months in Switzerland filming On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Later she'll remember they were just "waiting for snow and when the film came out I hardly appeared."
during location shooting for On Her Majesty's Secret Service, she poses with George Lazenby and six fellow Bond girls in front of the Eiger at Murren, Switzerland. The other girls are Anoushka Hempel of New Zealand, Joanna Lumley of England, Mona Chong of China, Helena Ronee of Israel, Zara of India, and Catherina Von Schell of Hungary.
c. mid-69 her daughter, Joanna, is born
? British producer James Carreras picks her from 1,000 / 3,000 contestants for Creatures the World Forgot
c. December 70 divorces Kruger-Monsen after a five-year-marriage and gets custody of her daughter. "Julie's success led up to our divorce because it was difficult to live in two different countries," he says. "She wanted very much to make a career and I think it's wrong to stop young people who want to try something."
January 71 lives with her 18-month-old daughter in Belgravia, London
releases her debut record called Love, written by John Lennon. With every copy comes a picture of her in the nude.
April 71 is the constant companion of Apple manager Tony Bramwell
31 May 71 starts her six-week promotion tour for Creatures the World Forgot in Toronto, Canada. The tour will take her to several cities in North and South America.
1 June 71 tagged as the new "sex symbol of the 1970s," she arrives in New York City to promote Creatures the World Forgot
Mid-July 71 returns to London to work on a new comedy and a musical this fall
July 71 is reported living in London with her child and her boyfriend, Tony Bramwell, who runs Apple Records
November 71 is in the nude on the cover of Punch
December 73 is quoted: "The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires will be my 14th film. Boring, though, like all the others. My films are so unbelievably boring. I'm glad you haven't seen any..."
70s the press reports she tries to steal the unofficial title of “Queen of the Film Premieres,” currently held by “Countess of Cleavage” Imogen Hassall
January 77 is reported to be a recent romance of Peter Sellers, like actress Lynne Frederick and model Titti Wachtmeister
confesses in Paris to be bored with performing in blue movies "I'll go as far as Spain if I must in order to avoid climbing out of my clothes in the first scene and staying in bed for the rest of the picture. Some of the offers I have had have been for blue movies, and I'm not interested."
October 77 tells: "I'm so happy to be out of the limelight. In fact I employed a publicity agent to stop the publicity I was getting. It was too much."
29 May 99 attends a Hammer reunion party at Bray
29 April 08 dies at age 64 in Oslo, Norway, of breast cancer
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