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1 September 32 is born in Butte, Montana, to Dennis V. Bowe, a construction worker, and his wife Ruby. She has an older sister, Clara / Claire, and a brother, Sidney.
? grows up in Tacoma, Washington
? graduates from Stadium High School
? attends Tacoma Community College for one semester
August 48 works as a photographers model in Tacoma
? does fashion modeling in Seattle
50 wins the “Miss Tacoma” beauty contest
c. 50 as Rose Marie Bowe, she wears the tiara from her crowning as Sea Princess during the Fourth of July celebration and will be Tacoma's official entrant in the “Miss Washington” bathing beauty contest
Early 50s is a frequent model for pinup painter Gil Elvgren
? jobs for Cole of California, the famous swimsuit house, in Los Angeles
February 51 goes to Los Angeles with her mother to see her brother Sidney off to Korea
c. 51 is cast for Lovely to Look at
June 51 is pictured exhibiting “a new television gadget” - a remote control unit
Early April 52 attends the H. D. Hovers’ party with Pete Rugulo, ex-big moment of Lina Romay
April 52 columnist Ed Sullivan tells that she and Richard Greene are an item
columnist Jack Lait knows: “British actor Richard Greene is all eyes for pretty Rosemary Bowe...”
23 June 52 is on the cover of Life modeling "Mail Order Fashions”
? Columbia head Harry Cohn sees her Life cover and wants her for his upcoming From Here to Eternity. Eventually the part goes to Donna Reed.
July 52 columnist Sheila Graham writes: “Burt Lancaster is doing an eenie-meenie-mynie maiden, with four beauties to pick from for His Majesty O’Keefe - Dorothy Malone, Joan Evans, Rosemary Bowe and an unknown...”
February 53 is seen at the Mocambo with Chicago camera manufacturer Ted Briskin, the ex of actresses Betty Hutton and Joan Dixon
is featured in Pageant
June 53 attends Joe E. Lewis’ opening at the Mocambo with producer Ralph Fields
Fall 53 is off to Haiti for the filming of The Golden Mistress at the sacred ruins of Christopher's San Souci and the Citadel. The company doctor will become infamous as “Papa Doc” Duvalier.
Early 54 starts dating young actor Robert Stack, whose romance with starlet Claudette Thornton is over
Mid-May 54 columnist Dick Kleiner reports: “Bob Stack and Rosemary Bowe are becoming just as steady as his brother Jim and Wanda Hendrix. The four just missed each other a few nights ago at the Sportsmen’s Lodge...”
June 54 is featured in Focus
August 54 there are rumors Stack switched from her to fellow starlet Karen Sharpe; they are seen nightly at the Wild Goose.
Late August 54 columnist Louella Parsons knows: “Rosemary Bowe, who was Bob Stack’s girlfriend for some weeks, at the Sportsmen’s Lodge with Danny Arnold, once Joanne Gilbert’s fiancé...”
December 54 she and Stack are seen with Dr. Lew Morrill at Ciro’s for the opening of The Sportsmen. Rhonda Fleming recently announced she’ll divorce Morrill in Switzerland.
January 55 is among the celebrities gracing the big preview shindig of Underwater in Silver Springs, Florida. Others are Debbie Reynolds, Sheree North, Mala Powers, Richard Egan, and Gordon Scott...”
the press hails her “a young actress with a face like Grace Kelly and a body like Marilyn Monroe”
March 55 Parsons tells that Hollywood is talking about “the hooch among Bob Stack’s friends that Rosemary Bowe has finally corralled this confirmed bachelor. His long separation from her proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder and he admits that he never had it so bad...”
June 55 Motion Picture tells that she has a romantic fire burning for Bob Stack
July 55 Stack and his mother, Betsi, throw an all-star barbecue al fresco. Rosemary's among the guests that include the likes of Virginia Zanuck, Joy Orr, the Bill Hawks, the Henry Kosters, the Sammy Fullers, Gail Russell and Andy McLaglen.
August 55 columnist Erskine Johnson reveals: “Film cutie Rosemary Bowe is wearing a gold wishbone ring from Bob Stack on the set of The View from Pompey’s Head but declines to say just what it means. All she’d say about her romance with Bob and chances of a marriage was: ‘We’re both too busy with our careers to think of a wedding.’”
September 55 is among young actresses honored at a Hollywood party by model agency head John Robert Powers. The others are Mari Blanchard, Yvonne De Carlo, Jeanne Crain, Linda Talleen, and Mala Powers.
October 55 attends NBC’s welcome party for Leo and Laraine Durocher with Robert Stack
November 55 she and Stack are reported having “set the date: April 19...”
December 55 Silver Screen still tells that Bob Stack has "no specific plans“ to marry her
27 November 55 is named "Miss United States Audience Awards" by movie exhibitors throughout the country
End December 55 Parsons tells: “Mortimer Hall is so serious about Rosemary Bowe that there seems little chance of his reconciling with Ruth Roman. Ruth now plans to file for a divorce immediately after the first of the year...”
January 56 is seen at the Captain’s Table with Mortimer Hall. In the meantime, Stack dates Rita Barnett, ex-wife of Charlie Barnett, at the Encore.
8 January 56 Stack proposes to her. She still lives with her mother in an apartment on Wilshire Boulevard.
23 January 56 she and Stack take out a marriage license in Santa Monica the minute the court offices open
marries Robert Langford Modini Stack at the Beverly Hills Lutheran Church. He’s 36; she’s 23. The double-ring ceremony is performed by Reverend George K. Attwood. It is the first marriage for both. She is given in marriage by her father. Stack’s brother, James Langford Stack, Jr., is best man, and his wife Wanda Hendrix is matron of honor. Only members of the immediate families are present. Afterwards, they leave by plane for a Honolulu honeymoon.
? the press notes: “Just a few weeks previously Bob and Rosemarie quarreled and she dated Mortimer Hall, the ex of Ruth Roman”
26 May 56 in Hollywood, she and Stack announce that they expect a baby
20 January 57 her daughter, Elizabeth Langford, is born at the St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. She will become a TV actress.
57 is featured in Glamour Photography
April 58 Silver Screen reports her “a lovely mother-to-be”
22 May 58 her son, Charles Robert, is born at the St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica
August 58 her husband is off to Spain for the filming of John Paul Jones. She and her daughter are pictured relaxing on the beach at Benidorm, Spain.
October 58 she and Stack move into their new house the night they return from Europe, but the children stay at the home of Stack's mother. "It’s right next door, though. The two houses are on the same piece of property." Rosemary tells columnist Harrison Carroll that everybody in France was amazed at the way Stack spoke the language. "Bob’s mother took him to France when he was one year old and he spent seven years there."
November 58 she and Stack throw a lavish wedding anniversary party. Among the guests are Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mitchell.
Early December 58 is pictured with her daughter at the airport in Valencia, Spain, where she’s visiting her husband
18 December 58 wears a striking short bouffant evening gown at the premiere of Some Came Running
14 January 59 she and Stack fly to Aspen, Colorado, where he will be king of the winter carnival
March 59 will have a small part in her husband’s upcoming John Paul Jones
May 59 she and Bob will fly east for the June 31 premiere of John Paul Jones and a two-week vacation, part to be spent on Cape Cod
c. August 59 she and her husband attend the Venice Film Festival. There they meet Yvonne De Carlo and her husband, Robert Morgan, and they have great times as a foursome around town.
April 60 Parsons reports: “Rosemary and Bob Stack leave the 21st for Jamaica, then on to Miami for a holiday. Bob needs a rest after his long session in the TV show ‘The Untouchables’...”
May 60 she and Stack are noted seated opposite Beverly Hills Police Chief Anderson at Roberta Sherwood’s Ciro's premiere
June 60 Parsons tells: “There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that pretty Rosemary (Mrs. Robert) Stack is one of the town’s most stunning young matrons...”
October 60 returns to the screen for a key role in All In A Night’s Work and goes with her husband on their fifth annual “honeymoon” to Scottsdale, Arizona
February 61 the Stacks and their children are photographed dining out at the International House of Pancakes in Van Nuys, California
April 61 Parsons knows: “Bob and Rosemary Stack will have a month’s vacation in Hawaii leaving here June 1st after Bob completes the highly successful but nerve-racking ‘Untouchables’ TV series...”
March 62 her daughter and son are noted among the celebrity kids at John Clark Gable’s first birthday party
August 63 is reported at her mother-in-law’s birthday reunion in the Cal-Neva home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bonelli, brother-in-law and sister of the celebrant. Participants include Rosemary’s family, Bob’s brother James Langford Stack, Jr., Miss Dory McGuire, and Joseph Grow.
Early December 63 she and Stack attend the star-studded Del Coronado Tennis Tournament, a two-day fiesta held in San Diego
is among the guests at Arthur Cameron’s party at the Bistro to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Pat Brown “with Governor Brown beaming at her side.” Adding to the glamour are Dana Wynter, Angie Dickinson, Anne Francis, Denice Minnelli, Joan Cohn, Betty Bloomingdale, and Nancy Olson Livingston...”
August 64 models with daughter Elizabeth and son Charles at a Beverly Hills benefit fashion show
October 64 she and Carol Lynley are noted at Otto Preminger’s soiree at the Beverly Hilton for In Harm’s Way
February 65 is reported “a stunner in a white dress with a beautiful turquoise pin at the décolletage and her devoted Bob at her elbow” at Harry and Dorothy Jameson’s surprise birthday party for Cesar Romero at the Jameson’s home
March 65 is expected to among the guests at the 31st Annual Motion Picture Tennis Tournament held at the Lake Encino Racquet Club courts from April 8 to 11. Other celebrities will be Gail Patrick, James Garner, Marie Windsor Hupp, Vera Ellen Rothschild, Kirk Douglas, Tuesday Weld, Diane McBain, Rhonda Fleming, Chris Noel, Sherry Jackson, David Nelson, and Rick Nelson.
October 65 the Stacks attend Arthur Cameron’s party for Maurice Chevalier at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Among the guests: Greer Garson and Greg Bautzer, Bette Davis, Paul Brinkman and Jeanne Crain, Jane Powell, the Hernando Courtwrights, the William Doziers, and Kay Gable with Dr. Helmer.
February 67 she and Stack are honored by the Harry Jamesons with a black-tie dinner and at-home party. Joan Crawford attends with Dr. Rex Kennamer. Rosemary is noted "looking very Parisian in a short hair cut and a long chiffon gown, one half of it orange, the other green...”
April 67 attends the Academy Awards with her husband looking like “a psychedelic baby doll in a baby’s cap matching her wild black and white zig-zag stripped dress...”
June 67 the Stacks are noted at the SHARE Boom Town party, the “probably slickest, liveliest charity show in the country” held at the Santa Monica Auditorium. Other guests are Barbara Rush, Janet Leigh, Mrs. Henry Mancini, Mrs. Alan Gordon, June Hutton, Carol Burnett, Peggy Lee, Jo Stafford, Richard Harris, Bob Newhart, Steve McQueen, Cesar Romero, John Forsythe, Ben Gazzara, Bobby Darin, Peter Sellers, Gene Kelly, Rock Hudson, and Dean Martin.
August 67 is seen at Dean Martin’s reception for newlyweds Linda and Vince Edwards in a blue and beige tweed coat dress
December 67 is among the “Ten Best Coiffured Women of 1967,” selected by the Helene Curtis Guild of Professional Beauticians. Others are Irene Dunne, Audrey Hepburn, Polly Bergen, Mrs. Ronald Reagan, Leslie Uggams, Mrs. Kirk Douglas, Mrs. Angier Biddle Duke, Julie Andrews, and Princess Grace of Monaco.
June 68 is seen without Stack at the party thrown at the Acquaviva’s garden by Joni (James) and Tony Acquaviva and Bailey K. Howard to honor federal judge Otto Kerner of Illinois
September 68 models at the Cavalcade of the Century money-making fashion luncheon sponsored by the Los Angeles County Federation of Republican Women
November 68 attends the party-of-parties given by 57-year-old multi-millionaire bachelor, art collector and big-game hunter George Frelinghuysen, at the Beverly Hills Hotel with husband Bob Stack. They go as the maharajah and his wife. Among the guests: Ann Miller, Sonja Henie, Agnes Moorehead, Ricardo Montalban, Ann Sothern, Ross Martin, and James Coburn.
December 68 is among the celebrity guests at Mrs. Minnelli’s “A Groupers” party at the Bistro. Among the guests: the Alfred Bloomingdales, the Armand Deutschs, the Jerry Ohrbachs, the James Coburns, Rosalind Russell, Cyd Charisse, Edie Adams and Marty Mills, Mrs. Ray Stark, William Frye, Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould.
January 69 the Stacks live in one of the great showcase homes of Bel Air. In addition to manicured gardens, they enjoy a tennis court and swimming pool on the grounds. The indoor-outdoor home encompasses 6,000 square feet, including six bedrooms. Both of their children attended private school.
March 69 is among the guests at Lee Anderson’s luncheon for Merle Oberon at the Bistro
August 69 attends Betty Carey’s summer nights patio party honoring Gail and Fred Hayman, owners of the Georgio’s shop for women, “in white lace pants and top...”
15 October 69 driving with two female guests from the Stack hunting lodge in Meridan to the Sacramento Airport to pick up the Fred MacMurrays, her rented station wagon skids on rain-slicked pavement and goes into a drainage ditch. Robert Stack’s favorite female cousin, 49-year-old Kathleen Lund, wife of actor Art Lund, is killed on the front seat; Rosemary and Betsy Lamb are injured and reported in fair condition at Arcade Hospital. Rosemary will have to undergo plastic surgery.
Late October 69 attends the party thrown by Anita Louise and Henry Berger for seer and prophetess Jeane Dixon. Other guests are Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn, Lucille Ball and Gary Morton, Loretta Young, Kathie Browne and Darren McGavin, Anne Baxter, Eva Gabor, Otto Preminger and Werner Klemperer.
January 70 she and her husband are among the guests when financier Douglas Campbell opens his new home in Beverly Hills. Other guests are the Stuart Whitmans, Vincente Minnelli, Lee Anderson, Dr. Rex Kennamer and the Allan Watts.
March 70 is among the guests at the Flamingo Ball, benefiting the American Cancer Society and held at Hialeah race track in Miami, Florida
April 70 is seen at Hugh O’Brian’s party among the Vidal Sassoons, Philippa Calan, Kay Gable, Cyd Charisse, Leslie Uggams, Linda Edwards, and Joni James.
August 70 wears brown jersey pants and top by Sonia Rykiel at Douglas Campbell’s dinner for Mrs. Horace (Pat) Schmidlapp of Palm Beach
c. 30 September 70 is sued by Art Lund in Sacramento Superior Court for $750,000 for the death of his wife in an auto accident. The suit alleges that she was driving too fast on October 15 when her rented car went into a ditch near Metropolitan Airport, fatally injuring Kathleen Lund, a passenger in the car.
November 70 hosts a press conference at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, presenting a symbolic bracelet as reminder of POW treatment
March 71 she and Stack attend the celebrity opening of Noel Coward’s Design for Living at the Ahmanson Theater at the Los Angeles Music Center. She is dressed in a stunning gold lame knickers outfit.
28 March 71 is the official hostess for the Questor Grand Prix held at Ontario Motor Raceway, and kisses Mario Andretti, the Ferrari winner
May 71 she and her husband are among the celebrity guests of the ball given by the Board of Governors at the Beverly Hilton to honor the Oscar winners following the program. Among the guests: Anthony Quinn, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Jean Peters.
July 71 the Stacks attend the opening of the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu. Among the guests are Joe Hyams and Elke Sommer, Fred MacMurray and June Haver, Tom Harmon and Elyse Knox, Bill Dana, and Bob Feller. Andy Williams sings “The Hawaiian Wedding Song.”
January 74 is seen at the Del Monte Lodge luncheon during the 33rd annual Bing Crosby Pro Am Golf Tournament held at Pebble Beach
April 74 the Stacks attend the Mame premiere at the Cinerama Dome Theater in Hollywood
February 75 columnist Suzy reports from the Bob Hope 16th annual Desert Classic Ball at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs: “Rosemary (Mrs. Robert) Stack was va-va-voom in a beige leather strapless thing by Courreges, worn with all sorts of rings and bracelets.”
May 75 will join the salute to Montie Montana held during the 52nd annual Wild Horse Stampede at Wolf Point city. The press tells that Montana taught her rope tricks.
1 June 75 the Stacks attend the Long Beach Heart Association Tennis Tournament and the “beautifully appointed party” on the grounds at the home of Independent Press-Telegram publisher Dan Ridder and his wife, Frani
August 75 attends Sy Salkowitz’s party for Virginia Grahame at his Malibu beach house in a Turkish harem outfit
14 November 75 is among the celebrity models at the Star Spangled Hollywood benefit for the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills, presented by the Screen Smart Set auxiliary of the Motion Picture and Television Fund and held in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. Others attendees are Lee Meriwether, Gail Fisher, Cathy Crosby, Angela Cartwright, Francesca Bellini and Jayne Kennedy.
February 76 attends the 300-guest-party thrown in the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hilton to honor Nancy and Dick Dickerson with columnist George Christy. “Bob being at work...”
c. July 76 is among the guests of the wedding reception of Ingrid Goude and Art Ryan at the Bel Air home of producer Hal B. Wallis. “All those ropes of daisies hanging in garlands about the terrace; the wedding cake rising like a four-tiered Alp from a bed of gardenias; the bride, so blonde and pretty in a long pink chiffon by Bill Blass; Mrs. Wallis (the former Martha Hyer) in a blue and white Dior, Rosemary (Mrs. Robert) Stack in a long Chinese robe. Can’t you see it all? Most of the action took place on the terrace overlooking a turquoise swimming pool...”
April 77 she, Elyse Knox Harmon, and Edith Head are among the guests of a prelude to Sotheby Park Bernet’s public auction by the Group for Otis Art Institute
20 May 98 she and Stack attend Frank Sinatra's funeral at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills
14 May 03 becomes the widow of Stack, who dies of a heart attack at age 84 in Beverly Hills
? moves to Mexico
20 January 19 dies at age 86 in Cuernavaca, Mexico
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