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Peggy King
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16 February 30 is born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania
? works as a secretary in Cleveland until she wins an amateur contest
? Charlie Spivak hears her perform and hires her to sing with his band
? marries Knobby Lee, one of Spivak's trumpeters
? producer Arthur Freed signs her to a contract after hearing her performance at New York’s Blue Angel. No project comes from it, so she returns to Cleveland and to the nightclubs.
51 looking and singing a little too much like Judy Garland sidetracks her career at MGM
52 Modern Screen magazine awards her the Golden Key Award through sponsor Howard Keel
Christmas 52 entertains the troops in Korea with fellow actress Debbie Reynolds
53 joins a stock company in Texas after being recommended by co-star Debbie Reynolds
? her singing in a commercial paves the way for a regular spot on "The George Gobel Show"
55 Mitch Miller refuses to let her sing "Cry Me a River," written for her by Arthur Hamilton. Miller tells Peggy: "No song with the word 'plebeian' in it will ever be on the Columbia label."
turns down Las Vegas offers because she is too busy and is slated for a TV show of her own
? works with Abbott and Costello in Las Vegas
April 55 prefers to sing in bedroom slippers
is “Miss Color TV”
November 55 together with actress Shirley Yamaguchi, she autographs the plastered leg of Ray Heatherton
56 divorces Knobby Lee
April 56 her marital problems haven’t gotten her down. Her latest success is at the Mocambo.
October 57 gets out of an entanglement by sending Andre Previn’s big diamond ring to his business manager
Late 50s is seen with Spike Jones and George Jessel at the Mocambo
? marries Sam Rudofka, the president of "After 6;” he’s nine years her senior
18 April 62 her son, Jonathan K., is born; he will die at age 38 in 2000
28 April 63 her daughter, Suzanne “Suzy” K., is born
30 July 94 becomes the widow of Rudofker, who dies at age 72 in Philadelphia
13 as Peggy K. Rudofker, she resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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