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(Francine Lassman)
14 December 31 is born in Brooklyn, New York
? begins a career on the radio as a child star and then moves on as a song-and-dance girl on Broadway
52 marries bandleader and "Rumba King" Xavier Cugat, the ex of actress Carmen Castillo. He is more than 30 years her senior.
55 with Cugat, she’s on the cover of his album "Bread, Love and Cha Cha Cha"
56 blonde haired, she graces the cover of Cugat's "The Best of Cugat" on Mercury Records
January 57 does promotions with Peter Ustinov on location somewhere in Europe
58 is the queen of the last annual masked ball of the Art Students League of New York
59 issues her record album "Be Mine Tonight" with Tito Punte and His Orchestra
63 divorces Cugat. He will marry actress Charo in 1964.
64 marries Perry Leff
March 65 gives Leff diamond cufflinks as a wedding gift
? lives at 444 N. Faring Road, Los Angeles, CA 90077
93 publishes an autobiographic novel, But Where is Love, with Warner Books, New York. It’s the story of a poor New York teenager who is molded into the hottest Latin singing star of the decade by a suave, charismatic bandleader.
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