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(Jocelyn Olga Bolton)
16 May 37 is born in Vienna, Austria, to a Russian mother and a British father; her older sister, Dorothy, will become actress Mara Lane.
? studies ballet at Sadler's Wells Ballet of London
? begins modeling and becomes a popular cover girl
? Cecil Landau, the man who discovered Audrey Hepburn for Hollywood, discovers her on the British TV play "Afternoon of a Nymph." He builds a revue around her, but she has to drop out due to illness.
November 54 attends the London premiere of The Egyptian with a spectacularly ugly, ludicrous headdress
December 58 has a flat high above Hyde Park Square and a poodle named Vicky
c. 62 she and Brazilian mining-and-metal millionaire Francisco "Baby" Pignatari are inseparable. He leaves her for actress Linda Christian and finally marries Princess Ira von F├╝rstenberg.
Early 60s relocates to Hollywood and changes her name to Jocelyn
February 65 Elvis Presley and Glenn Ford are both after her
September 66 is seminude in Playboy
3 May 73 marries Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg in Las Vegas, Nevada
? makes her home in Marbella, Spain
15 October 75 her daughter, Princess Arriana Theresa Mara von Hohenlohe, is born in England
85 divorces Hohenlohe
02 lives on the French Riviera / does voiceovers in her native England
Film Fatales by Tom Lisanti and Louis Paul,, Movie Life, Confidential, Photoplay, Picturegoer
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