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(Miriam Elizabeth Hechler)
25 February 27 is born in Los Angeles, California, to Earnest and Jessie T. Hechler, nee Dick
? is a Hollywood Showcase candidate of columnist Alyce Canfield
July 48 is among the models selected in "one of the motion picture industry's most extense talent quest" for Warner Brothers' The Girls from Jones Beach. The other 11 beauties are Myrna Dell, Nancy Valentine, Joan Vohs, Eve Whitney, Betty Underwood, Alice Wallace, Lola Albright, Karen X. Gaylord, Von Lester, Lorraine Crawford, and Joy Lansing.
December 48 used to be engaged to Sam Coslow but has a romantic fling with Sam Goldwyn, Jr. “Papa Goldwyn doesn’t like it - he wants young Sam to keep his mind on his work.”
September 50 columnist Jimmy Fidler writes: "Carol Brewster, spunky lady. Despite the fact that she is still far from well established as an actress, Miss Brewster recently rejected several roles which she disapproved and, while waiting for better things, financed herself by working, (1), as a car hop for a drive-in cafe, and, (2) as a service station attendant..."
February 51 columnist Harrison Carroll reports from Billy Eckstein's opening at the Mocambo: "Sam Coslow's steady, Carol Brewster, was in the same party. I heard they had a tiff but she said no."
June 51 her frequent escort, Sam Coslow, is seen at the Captain’s Table with Joani Paris, who once was engaged to writer Steve Fisher
November 51 is seen at Ciro's with Clark Gilbert
December 51 is seen ringside at the Mocambo with composer and songwriter Sam Coslow
January 52 is surprised when Coslow announces he will marry dancer Julie Raymond in Las Vegas. Coslow was talking marriage to her on Christmas.
May 52 is reported spending off hours "plugging songs of friend Sam Coslow. He wrote a new thing called Stop the Music..."
August 52 tagged a CBS Television actress, she and her two Siamese cats are pictured putting the stamp of approval on a new build-it-yourself two-pan feeder for cats and dogs
September 52 is National Home Week Queen "visiting various home building programs in the Southland"
helps Lance Fuller to forget the torch for Joi Lansing. They are seen together at the Captain’s Table.
June 53 attends Joe E. Lewis’ opening at the Mocambo with North American Airline president James Fishgrund
July 53 is dated again by her old Hollywood heart, Sam Coslow
November 53 has an affair with co-star Sunny Tufts while filming Cat Women of the Moon
customers at Ciro’s get an eyeful of her walking out of the place alone at midnight - leaving her date, Sunny Tufts, sitting at a table to cry into his beer
February 55 pictured preparing to "take a ride in one of the 1955 Chevrolets which Thrifty Drug Store will give away during their current chain-wide contest"
September 55 distinguishes herself on television
has a romance with New York agent Ken Later
her escort at the Screen Directors Guild party held at the Biltmore Hotel is director Reginald LeBorg
is with LeBorg when he plays host at the Moulin Rouge
56 is stricken with polio
April 57 lives with her mother. She recovers satisfactorily from her attack of polio. Faith, prayer, and a vision helped her.
20 November 58 she and disc jockey Johnny Grant highlight the opening of the newest Owl Drug Store in the Tampa Village Shopping Center, Reseda, California
Late 50s is engaged to actor Jon Hall, the ex of actress Frances Langford, and later has only kind words for him. He will marry actress Raquel Torres in 1959.
June 63 breezes to Detroit to star in a TV commercial for Lincoln Continental and to see her fiancé, Norm Olson of Swedish Crucible Steel
December 67 as Carol Brewster Gray, she's reported coming from Beverly Hills to attend the 70-guest afternoon holiday buffet of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolcott held in their Chatsworth home
? marries Arne J Gerritsen
1 February 13 as Carol Brewster Gerritsen, she dies in Big Bear Lake, California
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