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Virginia Leith
Virginia Leith
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15 October 25 is born in Cleveland, Ohio
? begins working as a hatcheck girl and drive-in waitress
April 53 is available when producer-director-cameraman Stanley Kubrik hits Hollywood for talent for his upcoming Fear and Desire
June 55 helps take Jeff Hunter’s mind off his divorce problems
is seen at a premiere with Rita Moreno and Richard Egan
August 55 is the most likely to rival Grace Kelly
April 56 the press hails her "the most uncommunicative actress since Greta Garbo." She shows up as Marlon Brando’s guest in Palm Springs but won’t tell columnist Hedda Hopper.
May 56 dates Marlon Brando
60 marries TV actor-writer Donald Harron
68 divorces Harron
4 November 19 dies at age 94 at her home in Palm Springs, California
Motion Picture, Modern Screen, People
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