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(Eugenia Popoff)
3 March 35 is born in Dearborn, Michigan, of Russian heritage. She has an older brother and two younger twin brothers.
? attends Maples Elementary and Fordson High schools in Dearborn, Michigan
? leaves school to join the New York Ballet
? starts as a ballet dancer
51 is in the 30-minute short The Living Christ Series Volume 9 The Fate of John the Baptist
c. 52 goes to Hollywood at age 17
? Warner Brothers signs her as a dancer
February 52 columnist Erskine Johnson reveals: “Pretty Eugenia Popoff’s answer when I popped off about her proposed marriage to Steve Cochran: ‘Ask him. For my part, I think it will be a long time before we marry.’”
? develops a weight problem after going to Hollywood. Her agent tells her that she has to lose 10 pounds.
March 55 tagged a New York radio starlet, she’s pictured posing in a harem girl outfit
? studies drama with Michael Chekov
September 55 she and fellow starlet Gloria Rhoads tour the States to promote The Adventures of Pancho Villa
Late September 55 columnist Bill Reddell reports from a dinner with her (and Gloria): “The gal is known as Eugenia Paul. Before that she was known as Eugenia Popoff, Popov, or even Popova. Her real Russian name is a jawbreaker that she can’t spell because she’s a thoroughly-American Russian. This item has a fascinating lineage, from Genghis Khan on her father’s side; and a tribe of Gypsies on her mother’s side. She said this is the truth and not Hollywood hokum."
28 September 55 she and Rhoads grace the San Antonio world premiere of The Treasure of Pancho Villa. Rory Calhoun, his wife Lita Baron, and Gilbert Roland are among the celebrity guests.
c. December 55 is signed by 20th Century-Fox
January 56 is noted dancing with Bob Strauss, heir to the Pep Boys fortune, to Eddie Neal's music at the Moulin Rouge
September 57 is reported getting the feminine lead in ABC's new "Zorro" series. "She will play the daughter of a California ranchero who falls in love with the Robin Hood-like hero, played by Guy Williams." The press tells that she’s 22 and a native of Detroit.
c. 58 marries Robert "Bob" P. Strauss, heir to the Pep Boys auto stores fortune
May 58 it’s reported that every morning she runs three-fifth of a mile down Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. “The free-lance TV actress, now a trim 118 pounds, frankly confesses that before her daily run, four years ago, she weighed 160 and a half.”
11 May 59 is on hand to grace the grand opening of the new Pep Boys auto supply store at 5117 Lakewood Boulevard, Lakewood, California
? her daughter Kimberly V. is born
? her daughter Wendy L. is born
? her son, Baron K., is born
? she and her husband reside in Manalapan
24 May 10 as Eugenia P. Strauss, she dies at age 75 at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, after a long and courageous battle with illness
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