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(Lida Larrimore Thomas)
23 January 32 is born in Wayne, Pennsylvania, to Charles E. Thomas, a landscape architect, and his wife Lida Larrimore Turner, a novelist
? starts her career in television commercials in Wayne, Pennsylvania
December 51 columnist Steve Ellingson writes: "There were a few things that Grandma had that modern ingenuity hasn't, as yet, replaced. I realized this the other evening while I watched Larri Thomas, the pretty little NBC television actress, cook my dinner..."
March 52 columnist Jack Lait writes: "Scott Brady likes Lorraine Thomas, as who wouldn't?..."
December 52 is among 20 chorus girls in Here Come the Girls asked about their ambition in life. She replies “Keep paying the rent on my own.”
is pictured in the local press. "Getting around Hollywood movie lots is much easier for luscious Larri Thomas when she travels around on a bike."
August 54 she and John Bromfield are reported at the Mocambo "but hasn't Donald O'Connor been seeing her, too...?"
September 54 dates actor-dancer Donald O'Connor, who will also take her to the party at the end of There's No Business Like Show Business
May 55 admits it's a serious romance with John Bromfield, ex-husband of actress Corinne Calvet. "I'm in favor of it," she tells columnist Erskine Johnson. "We've been a real steady thing for ten months now. John's a wonderful guy. But I'm not sure he has anything definite in mind about marriage."
June 55 is all over the place on television’s “The Ray Bolger Show”
July 55 is one of six Goldwyn Girls ”picked by Sam Goldwyn, Sr., average age 21. They leave for New York where they will fan out for personal appearance tours to plug Guys and Dolls. The blondes are Larri Thomas, June Kirby, and Pat Sheehan. The brunettes are Barbara Brent, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn."
August 55 is seen out with music publisher Marty Mills
November 55 actor John Bromfield, the ex of Corinne Calvet, announces he’ll marry her soon in Brazil
as a Goldwyn Girl, she declares about the theory that men dress to please women: “Bermuda shorts are okay if a man has good legs. But many of them haven’t and you wouldn’t find a woman exposing her bad features.”
? Bromfield takes her to Brazil for three months, where he’s filming Curucu, Beast of the Amazon
December 55 marries Bromfield aboard the steamship Argentina, just outside Brazilian waters. The marriage can't be performed in Brazil because Brazil doesn't recognize divorces.
May 57 has been on the non-lens side of the camera as assistant director to Stanley Donen. "I thought he was going to offer me a role in The Pajama Game," she smiles. "But he didn't. He asked if I thought I could assist him."
August 59 columnist Earl Wilson interviews her, a "television widow," at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. She shows up in a white bikini.
October 59 dances on "Another Evening with Fred Astaire." When asked what she eats daily, she says: "I either starve or stuff. If I'm good, I go to the gym daily. If I'm not good, I don't - I figure why waste the money. I love tacos, lasagna, spaghetti, buttered rice, pies, rolls. When I go, I go."
November 59 has a date with her estranged husband Bromfield to hear Tony Martin at the Moulin Rouge. "No reconciliation, though."
the press heralds that she had a novel written about her before she even came to Hollywood. Her mother, Mrs. Charles Eden Thomas, of Wayne, Pennsylvania, is the author of 25 romance novels. The heroine of the last one, The Lovely Duckling, was inspired by Larri.
13 November 59 the Daily Mirror heralds her the new romantic interest of Leo Durocher, former baseball manager, ex-TV sportscaster, and husband of actress Laraine Day. "'The Lip moved out of their Beverly Hills, California, home several months ago. Since then his constant little sidekick has been Larri, a Wayne, Pennsylvania, girl who went all the way to Hollywood to make good." He's 54; she's 26. Her parents met Durocher six months ago, and he visited them several times during the summer and they visited him in California last September. Her mother says in a telephone interview from Wayne: "I can make no prediction for the future. This is too intimate a thing for me to discuss. Certainly my daughter and Mr. Durocher are very good friends. Both my husband and I are very fond of Mr. Durocher. We were taken by him since our first meeting. He's a wonderful man."
denies her romance with Durocher. "There is no such thing as a big romance between us," she says. "Leo is a friend of mine, a friend of my husband and my family. That's all." Durocher's wife, Laraine Day, denies that her 12-year marriage to Durocher is washed up.
December 59 Leo Durocher helps her to move out of the Los Angeles home she shares with husband John Bromfield
is reported due in New York and "in Philly for a cooling-off period. She may work out a return match with husband Bromfield..."
February 60 there are rumors of reconciliation when she's seen with Bromfield
March 60 columnist Earl Wilson reports. "Lovely Larri Thomas, Leo Durocher's amigo, estranged from John Bromfield, was billed recently as having 'the prettiest legs on NBC TV'..."
April 60 her estranged husband claims there is no chance of a reconciliation. She vacations near Palm Springs.
June 60 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that everybody seems to know the lady involved in the Leo Durocher - Laraine Day split; "but Mrs. Durocher isn’t bereft, romantically although her admirer hasn’t made the headlines. He’s connected with the movie industry, but not a performer."
January 61 she and Darlene Engel dance on "The Bobby Darin Show"
March 61 is signed as one of the dancing girls for Warner’s upcoming The Music Man
? divorces Bromfield
2 November 63 marries Bruce Hoy in Los Angeles. Both are 31.
February 64 is signed for "The Andy Williams Show"
June 64 columnist Nevart Apikian reports from the filming of The Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria: "We ran into Larri Thomas, a tall, slim blonde who is stand-in for Julie Andrews. She said she got the 'worst sunburn when they shot the 'highest mountain' scene. She believes that photographing this scene on an actual mountain will make it so much more realistic and stronger than in the stage setting."
December 66 is in a sketch with Dean Martin and Sid Caesar on "The Dean Martin Show"
February 68 acts with Mickey Rooney and fellow dancer Margi Nelson on "The Dean Martin Show"
2 May 68 dances the main titles of The Silencers
12 August 69 her daughter, Elizabeth, is born in Los Angeles
13 March 05 attends the Professional Dancers' Society annual fund raising luncheon at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills
08 resides in Sherman Oaks
20 October 13 dies at age 81 in Van Nuys, California after falling at a parking lot and possibly suffering from an Epidural hematoma
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