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(Jean Ann Ewers)
c. 29/33 is born in Houston, Texas. Her mother, Merlee Granbury Ewers, is a former charter member of the Houston Little Theater.
? is raised in Fort Worth, Texas
c. 43 does a local radio show at the age of 10
? makes expense money by appearing on her own radio show on Saturday mornings
c. 50 has a local TV show at the age of 17
marries Air Force captain Jack B. Lewis at age 17. He sweeps her off her feet and toward the altar three days after meeting her.
? her husband becomes attached to the Atomic Energy Commission as a physicist, and she travels with him throughout the States
c. 52 her son, James, is born
55 is crowned "Miss Texas"
? arrives in Hollywood with her husband, a real estate tycoon, and infant son
57 director Sam Fuller changes her name to Eve Brent for Forty Guns
58 is chosen over Jil Jarmyn for the part of Jane in Tarzan’s Fight for Life
3 February 58 producer Sol Lesser announces he has signed her to play opposite Gordon Scott in the upcoming Tarzan's Fight for Life. Lesser says he looked at more than 3,000 girls and gave screen tests to 19. She is chosen over Jil Jarmyn.
May 58 declares: "I have signed to make two Tarzans a year. It's fun, it's different. I wear a little sun suit, and I have to keep slim. When I'm working, Gordon makes me eat only raw carrots, honey, cottage cheese, and vitamin pills."
December 58 her reconciliation with her husband, realtor Major Freeman, doesn't work. They separate again, and she plans to go ahead and pick up her final divorce papers in May.
January 59 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that she and jeweler Stanley Gardner have discovered each other
March 59 is expected to marry MGM costumer Beau Van der Ecker on May 13
December 61 is around with actor Red Buttons, who's shrugging off his marital problems. Columnist Earl Wilson reports that she was married thrice.
February 62 is Red Button's date at Danny's
17 August 62 marries Neil. W. Kidwell in Los Angeles. He's 44; she's 32.
? tours with George Gobel in The Impossible Years
? tours with Gene Raymond in The Fifth Season
? tours for over five years with Bob Cummings in The Marriage-Go-Round
February 67 when she reaches forty, she will inherit a fortune left to her by her Oklahoma oilman grandfather. She and her 14-year-old son live alone together in Hollywood. Her husband died several years back.
September 75 reunites with Joyce McKenzie, Louise Lorraine, Buster Crabbe, Jock Mahoney, Johnny Weismuller, and Jim Pierce at the North American Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs
3 December 78 marries husband #5, actor Michael Ashe, in Los Angeles. He's 46; she's 49.
February 81 a best supporting actress nominee at the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Awards, held in Hollywood, for her part in Fade to Black
27 August 11 dies at age 82 of natural causes at a hospital in Sun Valley, California
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