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Etchika Choureau
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(Jeannine Paulette Verret / Françoise Choureau)
12 November 33 is born in Paris, France
after various jobs she enrolls in the Paris Conservatory of Arts to study drama
her hobby is raising giant chrysanthemums, and French flower growers give her name to a species
12 November 56 celebrates her 23rd birthday on the set of Lafayette Escadrille
September 57 young actor Tab Hunter is deeply in love with her. His studio won’t allow him to fly to Paris to visit her.
? falls out of love with Hunter and settles for friendship instead of romance. Hunter seeks solace in the steady company of starlet Venetia Stevenson.
c. 58 begins an affair with Prince Moulay Hassan, who is heir to the Moroccan throne and four years her senior, and retires from the screen
3 March 61 her relationship with Hassan ends when he is proclaimed King of Morocco following the death of His Majesty Mohammed V
62 returns to the movies after a four-year absence
25 January 22 dies at age 92
Picture Show Annual 1958, Movie Mirror, Film Revue
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