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(Olive Katherine Grandstaff)
25 November 33 is born in Houston, Texas
? goes to Hollywood as a reporter representing 20 newspapers in her home state
? Max Arnow presents her to Columbia boss Harry Cohn, but he merely gives her a sidelong glance. She leaves furious.
takes college courses and receives her degree from the University of Texas
Cohn is pleased when a romance develops between her and recently widowed Bing Crosby
December 54 Bing starts dating her at the beginning of the Christmas holidays; she dances every dance with him at the El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs
July 55 after reporters find out that she ordered a wedding gown and they print the item, Bing hits the ceiling. Kathy dissolves into tears at his anger.
she and Bing fly to Hayden Lake in Idaho to get married, but the area is crowded with reporters and photographers. They flee to Las Vegas and then to Pebble Beach, and when they find the press everywhere, Bing calls it off.
August 55 dares to take on the press, especially Louella Parsons, with a small-town newspaper interview
September 55 leaves Texas and meets Bing at Hayden Lake, Idaho
21 June 56 is baptized in the Catholic faith
September 56 Bing is thinking very seriously of marrying her. He’s 52; she’s 22.
23 October 57 when she phones Cohn to tell him about her upcoming wedding to Bing, he already knows about it from a Las Vegas informant
24 October 57 elopes with Bing to Las Vegas. They take everyone by surprise.
December 57 is the hostess for the LOOK All-American football team
April 58 receives a blue and white Thunderbird as Bing’s birthday present
8 August 58 her son Harry, Jr., is born
14 September 59 her daughter, Mary Frances, is born. She will become an actress.
29 October 61 her son Nathaniel is born
14 October 77 her marriage ends when Bing dies from a heart attack in Madrid, Spain
Labour Day 02 attends Cinecon 38 held at Hollywood’s Renaissance Hotel
Labour Day 03 attends Cinecon 39 in Los Angeles
May 20 is interviewed for Pat: A Biography of Hollywood's Blonde Starlet, a publication about her daughter-in-law Pat Sheehan
20 resides in Hillsborough, California
Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Modern Screen, Screen Stories, The Hollywood Reporter, King Cohn
Recommended Books:
Pat: A Biography of Hollywood's Blonde Starlet by Samuel Clemens