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(Geraldine Stroock)
29 October 25 is born in New York City to Bianca and James Strook, the owner of Brooks Costume Company, New York's top theatrical costumer. She's named after opera diva Geraldine Farrar.
begins taking dancing lessons when only two years old
42 graduates from Julia Richman High School
is accepted at Syracuse University but decides to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Art and later at the Neighborhood Playhouse
appears in some summer stock productions like Junior Miss
8 May 44 is on Broadway with Follow the Girls
50 is off to Italy for the filming of Volcano and later No Sognato Il Paradiso
52 appears in summer stock in The Petrified Forest and The Voice of The Turtle
December 53 actor Farley Granger is fascinated by her. She spreads her career between Hollywood, Broadway, and Italy.
8 May 58 marries television writer Herbert Sargent
61 divorces Sargent
June 64 marries screenwriter and novelist Budd Schulberg; he is 12 years her senior. They had been childhood neighbors; he was her babysitter.
70 receives the Tony Award for her performance in Brightower, opposite Robert Lansing
75 collaborates with her husband on the book Swan Watch
19 June 77 dies age fifty-two from cancer/heart attack in Riverhead, New York; she is survived by her second husband, writer Budd Schulberg, her mother, and a sister
Hollywood Players: The Forties by James Robert Parish, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Motion Picture, Silver Screen Annual,
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