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(Adelaida Delgado)
28 April 23 / 25 is born in Highland Park, Michigan. Her brother is future actor Luis Delgado.
? wins dance lessons as a movie theater door prize at age 6
? starts dancing at age 8
? is spotted by Xavier Cugat at age 12 or 13
? sings and dances with Cugat’s orchestra in Detroit at age 15
? leaves high school and goes with her brother to New York
? Cugat signs her to a contract when he opens in New York City
? performs at the Copacabana
c. 41 is working in Florida when she is spotted by a Columbia talent scout. She journeys to Hollywood and is signed by Columbia.
42 loses the part of Ada in The Moon and Sixpence to Elena Verdugo
? leaves Columbia at age 18
? is voted "Pinup Girl of the Year" in a poll held by Yank magazine
44 teaches John Wayne how to jitterbug for his upcoming The Fighting Seabees
24 April 44 is put under contract at Republic
c. 45 feels that Herbert J. Yates takes more than a fatherly interest in her and could have boosted her career if his wife, actress Vera Ralston, hadn’t absorbed so much of Republic’s publicity budget
September 50 becomes serious with fellow actor Forrest Tucker
25 June 51 is dropped by Republic
c. 54 marries industrial engineer-turned-writer, creator, producer, and later TV mogul, Roy Huggins
2 May 60 her son Thomas R. is born in Los Angeles
29 October 61 her son John F. is born in Los Angeles
1 March 63 her son James P. is born in Los Angeles
? arranges to have her parents live with her until they pass away
3 April 02 becomes the widow of Huggins
7 May 10 dies of natural causes at her home in Pacific Palisades
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