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(Virginia Maynor)
c. 35 / 37 is born in Birmingham, Alabama
February 52 is among 19 girls applying for a part in Universal-International's Stalin is Alive, where they have to shave off their hair. The part eventually goes to Russia-born Natalie Daryll.
c. 56 producer Bri Murphy and her husband, director-producer Jerry Warren, spot her at the Pasadena Playhouse for their upcoming Man Beast. Asa's hair is dyed from dark brown to blonde, and she is renamed Asa because it sounds like "ass," and she can't be mistaken for "Virginia Mayo."
April 59 adds glamour to the grand opening of Swim City in North Hollywood
August 59 she and young TV actor Edd Byrnes are seen at Dino's
October 59 she and Byrnes are among the twosomes at Hillevi and David Schine's cocktail party for the stars of the new Continental revue at the Cocoanut Grove
November 59 gets her part in "Perry Mason" because she's a good friend of producer Gail Patrick Jackson, from her home town of Birmingham, Alabama
is seen lunching with Byrnes at the Luau. "She seems to be his favorite girlfriend."
Early 60 has a hot romance with actor-singer Bobby Darin. He will marry Sandra Dee in December.
April 60 she and Byrnes will get engaged in May
5 May 60 is queen of the Desert Inn's Tournament of Champions, a charity for the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund
August 60 columnist Earl Wilson reports that Byrnes "is explaining to girlfriend Asa Maynor why a fan magazine listed starlet Donna Brooks as his steady"
18 September 60 she and Byrnes launch the "Lawman" season with the segment "The Mad Bunch"
December 60 her item of today is John Goemans, who roomed at Harvard with Ted Kennedy
January 61 Byrnes says that her "desire for marriage spoiled their two-year romance"
23 March 62 Byrnes picks up a marriage license at the Santa Monica court house. There, he threatens and curses a photographer. No explanation is given for the outburst.
25 March 62 marries Edd "Kookie" Byrnes at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills. Only a small group of closest friends are on hand. He's 28; she's 24. It's the first marriage for both. Byrnes' best man is Roger Smith, who stars with him in "77 Sunset Strip." Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., another star of the show, is an usher.
they honeymoon at an undisclosed location
August 63 she and Byrnes are off to Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, with Mickey Rooney and James Darren for the filming of The Dubious Patriots
13 September 65 her son, Logan, is born at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles. He will become a news anchor for the NBC Hartford, Connecticut, affiliate.
November 65 dances with Lord Snowden, husband of Princess Margaret, at a Hollywood party given for the Royal couple by Sharman Douglas, daughter of the former Ambassador to Great Britain, Lewis Douglas. Among the hundred top guests are Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Danny Kaye.
December 67 she and her two-year-old son accompany Byrnes to Europe. "Asa did one part and then was called to the producer's office. The first thing he did was ask her to take the clothes off. That was the end of Asa's European movie career."
71 files for divorce from Byrnes in Los Angeles, partially because of his reliance on drugs and alcohol
? gives up acting for an interior decorating career
February 72 returns to the screen for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
5 July 72 Byrnes is found in contempt by a Los Angeles Superior Court for failing to make two $150 monthly child support payments to her. A divorce suit is pending.
April 73 she and Alana Collins, George Hamilton's new wife, present David Wolper with the format for a health food cooking show to feature themselves
September 77 attends a party given by Deborah Raffin and Michael Viner with escort Allan Carr. She looks "very glamorous in a long red and white halter dress."
July 88 she and her son attend the Atlantic Monthly reception at the American Booksellers Association Convention in Anaheim, California
90s is an executive at NBC
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