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(Jocelyne Yvonne Renée Mercier)
1 January 39 is born in Nice, France, to a French father, a pharmacist, and to an Italian mother
c. 56 goes to Paris to study dancing at age 17. Soon she joins the Ballets de la tour Eiffel.
attends dramatic classes with Solange Sicard
visits London and then returns to her parents on the Cote
59 meets assistant director/young cineast André Smagghe while filming Le Notti di Lucrezia Borgia in Rome
July 61 will marry Smagghe
61/63 marries Smagghe. He’s an alcoholic who soon needs to be treated at an asylum. When she tries to divorce him, she finds out that it is not possible to divorce someone who is interned. She finally succeeds, after paying a large sum.
65 divorces Smagghe
65 her co-star in Angelique et le Roi, German Fred Williams, will remember her as a sometimes difficult partner. Finally, she even quarrels with the producer, Francis Chon, and is not invited to the premiere in Paris. For the Munich premiere, Williams picks her up at the airport, and they get along well.
ca. 70 marries Claude Bourillot, the ex-chargé de mission under president Alain Poher, after the resignation of General de Gaulle in 1969
73 goes with Bourillot to Hollywood
76 leaves Hollywood when Bourillot becomes interested in everything except her. Shortly after her return to France, they divorce.
? is broke in Paris and returns to the theatre
? meets playboy Adrian at a presentation of Arpels jewelers in Geneva, Switzerland. He promises her a white Rolls-Royce as a wedding present.
87 publishes her autobiography, Angélique à coeur perdu. Roger Peyrefitte writes the foreword.
Hugues Marc Antoine Bartoli,,, Revue
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