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(Rosita Dolores Averio)
11 December 31 is born in Humacao, Puerto Rico
46? dubs stars like Liz Taylor for Spanish versions of American films
? is brought to Hollywood after she scores in New York’s So Young, So Bad
12 March 54 is on the cover of Picturegoer
September 54 is often seen with meat-packing heir George Hormel, Jr., who is reportedly worth $200 million
September 54 kicks an LAPD detective in the thigh and slaps him three times across his mouth. He was trying to arrest her beau, George Hormel, at his plush Laurel Canyon home on a charge of possessing 13 marijuana cigarettes, which were found in his car.
May 55 wears the first diamond ring that she bought for herself
is taken to the Villa Capri by Marlon Brando
June 55 is seen with Virginia Leith and Dick Egan at a premiere
July 55 "discovers" tenor Oreste Kirkop while making The Vagabond King
August 55 is a new couple-around-town with young actor Jeffrey Hunter. Both go out so much that no one takes their dates seriously.
November 55 admits that she’s bigger around the bottom than she is around the bust
December 55 wins the COMPO National Audience Award as one of the stars of the future
56 her measurements are 34-23-35
May 57 has dated actors Hugh O’Brian, Jeff Hunter, Bob Wagner, and Richard Egan and is now in love with Marlon Brando
December 57 doesn’t speak to Brando when she sees him these days
58 doesn’t follow an invitation to Memphis, but dates Elvis in Hollywood
September 63 is one of young actor George Chakiris’ few close friends
18 June 65 marries Dr. Leonard I. Gordon in New York City
28 October 66 her daughter, Fernanda Lu, is born
90 releases a very successful exercise video
02 is still married to Gordon and resides in Berkeley, California
Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Photoplay, Motion Picture, Movieland, Modern Screen, Screen Stories, Screenland, Lowdown, Picturegoer,
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