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(Norabelle Jean Roth)
4 April 24 is born in Wenatchee, Washington. Her father owns a Coca-Cola bottling plant; her mother is a teacher.
36 on a cruise to Honolulu, she meets actor Charles Boyer
42 is "Apple Blossom Queen" in Wenatchee
42 is spotted by Warner Brothers talent scout Solly Biano at age 17, while promoting Washington apples in Hollywood
? is accepted at Stanford University at the time Bob Hope’s agent, Louis Schurr, sees her at the Brown Derby and signs her
October 42 meets and starts a whirlwind romance with Dr. Lee Siegel, the medical doctor at 20th Century-Fox
November 42 marries Siegel six weeks after meeting him, in Las Vegas, shortly before he is drafted
c. 43 models with young Marilyn Monroe
becomes close friends on the MGM lot with Kay Williams (Spreckles), who will later marry Clark Gable
45 changes her professional name while filming The Southerner
c. 45 her first son is born
47 shoots The Adventures of Casanova at the Churubusco Studios in Mexico City
Early 50s her family and the Zanucks go to Palm Springs every weekend
80 writes By Love Fulfilled, a historical novel
c. 89 becomes the widow of Siegel after 47 years of marriage
7 August 01 marries the ex of actress Audra Lindley, actor James Whitmore, at Whitmore’s home in Malibu, California
6 June 23 as Noreen Siegel Whitemore, she dies at age 99 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles
Giseld Dervishi, Screen Sirens Scream! by Paul Parla and Charles P. Mitchell, Ladies of the Western by Michael G. Fitzgerald and Boyd Magers
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