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18 August 39 is born in Grand Coulee Dam, Washington/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Her mother is a registered member of a tribe of Choctaw Indians.
? learns to sing and yodel from her older brother
49 after a family move to Tucson, Arizona, Rex Allen hears her sing in a grammar school play and invites her to sing on his local radio show. William Hilden is in the audience when she performs at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and sends a letter of praise to billionaire Howard Hughes.
? goes to Hollywood as a child and is signed by vocalist Cliffie Stone to sing on his local TV show; later she becomes a member of "The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show"
52 her closest friend and classmate at Hollywood's Professional Children's School is Jimmy Boyd
receives a Gold Record for her "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
? her first date is composer-singer-actor Stan Freberg
November 58 she and young actor Mark Damon double date with Connie Stevens and Edd Byrnes
58 her first romance is actor-singer Tommy Sands
Late 50s should be in an Elvis picture but is committed to tour with comedian Jack Benny
12 June 61 marries TV cameraman John Kipp in a Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel. Kipp works for Los Angeles TV station KTLA.
65 has a Grammy nomination for "Single Girl Again"
68 marries actor Kenny Miller
September 69 her daughter, Melia Marti, is born
November 69 her divorce from Miller is granted in Las Vegas, Nevada, on grounds of incompatibility. She asks for no alimony and receives custody of their 2-month-old daughter.
January 70 waives alimony claims against Miller to win custody of their infant daughter
? loses part of her nose due to cancer
70s lives in the Northwest
31 December 86 marries Bob Muncy, a gift manufacturer and a close former friend of Tommy Sands, whom she met through her brother
Late 80s she, her mother, her son, her two daughters, and her fifth husband are settled in a large hillside home in Oceanside, California
7 February 09 as Molly Gene Muncy, she dies at age 69 of complications from a stroke in an Oceanside, California, hospital
Science Fiction and Fantasy Films Flashbacks by Tom Weaver, Whatever became of... #11 by Richard Lamparski, Movie Mirror, Indiana Evening Gazette, The Messenger, News Journal
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