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30 April 25 is born in Paris, France. Her father is the inventor of Pyrex, a glassware that enables food to be cooked directly in the glass in an oven.
? attends the University of Paris School of Fine Arts
? appears on the French stage
? becomes an accomplished interior decorator
7 November 48 marries actor John Bromfield, a distant cousin of novelist Louis Bromfield, in a quiet ceremony at Grace Community Church in Boulder City, Nevada. He's 26; she's 23. Both are from Hal Wallis' acting stable.
the Bromfields honeymoon at Lake Meade Lodge
March 49 attends Diana Lynn's wedding with husband John Bromfield
Early 50s one afternoon in his office, producer Darryl F. Zanuck presents her his erect penis, standing out of his unzipped pants
January 51 her salary beef with producer Hal Wallis reaches the explosive stage
May 51 her husband presents her with a mink stole and a surprise swimming party for 20 people to celebrate absolutely nothing
August 51 she and Bromfield travel to Europe. There are rumors they might hold back an announcement of a visit from the stork.
52 files a lawsuit accusing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor of slandering her by telling several people, including a newspaper columnist, that Calvet was not really French
May 52 her fight with Zsa Zsa Gabor is not a genuine feud but just another publicity stunt
July 52 sports the newest poodle cut on her lower lip
August 52 says she has a bigger bosom than Zsa Zsa Gabor and is willing to strip to the waist to prove it
8 November 52 her husband and Steve Crane, former husband of actress Lana Turner, get into a brawl while leaving the Mocambo early in the morning. Both give a hand to the embattled nightclub manager and his waiter in a conflict with an unidentified, drunken bar patron. Bromfield was with Corinne, Crane with actress Mona Knox.
February 53 is seen out with bachelor producer Cy Howard while her husband is moviemaking in Florida
February 53 dines at the Stork Club with Bromfield
her measurements are 36-23-35-1/2
May 53 is seen at the Mocambo with her ever-lovin' husband
September 53 brings her Canadian stand-in, Dianne Bell, back from the Saskatchewan location and will sponsor a film career for the girl
October 53 she and Bromfield attend the swell cocktail shindig for Texas zillionaires Mrs. E. O. Radford and her son, James. Among the guests are Terry Moore, Rock Hudson, Noreen Nash, Jane Withers, Rhonda Fleming, Keith Andes, and George Nader.
January 54 calls a temporary halt to her "look alike" marriage with Bromfield because she discovered he developed a widow's peak and a slight French accent. She and her husband will seek to remain individuals.
Mid-January 54 she and Bromfield reconcile after a week's separation and plan a second honeymoon
she and Bromfield will divorce
February 54 colors her hair platinum blonde
March 54 visits her husband while he's filming Ring of Fear on location in Phoenix, Arizona
16 March 54 receives a divorce from Bromfield in Los Angeles. She claims he objected to her taking time out to have a baby. The court awards her alimony payments of 10 percent of Bromfield's gross income if it totals more than $20,000 a year, her share of community property, and restores her maiden name. Bromfield will marry dancer-actress Larri Thomas in 1955.
March 54 is seen at the Little Club with Johnny Meyer
31 March 54 is found unconscious on the bathroom floor in her Hollywood home. She is rushed to Santa Monica Receiving Hospital to have her stomach pumped. The police say she attempted suicide by taking sleeping pills.
1 April 54 claims she accidentally took the overdose when coming home from an evening with her ex-husband, Bromfield. She says she "will count sheep from now on."
April 54 the "John Stone" mentioned in her sleeping pill story turns out to be actor Jeffrey Stone, a.k.a. John Fontaine, once engaged to heiress Irene Wrightsman and married to actress Barbara Lawrence
June 54 her estranged husband, John Bromfield, is seen out with Jackie Loughery, the almost ex of singer-actor Guy Mitchell
July 54 vacations at Capri
October 54 wins a divorce from Bromfield in Juarez, Mexico, on the grounds of incompatibility
Late 54 - early 55 she and Stone are off to Italy and France for almost a year making pictures
March 55 is off to Lisbon, Portugal, with her fiancé, Jeff Stone. They'll decide there on a place for their marriage.
12 April 55 marries Stone in a simple religious ceremony on the Moorish patio of the American legation in Tangier, Morocco. They honeymoon for 24 hours in the rugged mountains surrounding the city.
May 55 the Stones return from Europe on the liner United States
June 55 Ruth Roman denies rumors of a feud with Corinne while filming The Far Country
July 55 becomes a U.S. citizen in a federal courtroom in Los Angeles
August 55 she and Stone entertain her stepmother, who is visiting here from Europe, at the Mocambo
October 55 says she will make another film in Spain before her baby arrives
c. 9 March 56 her son, Robin John, is born at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California
56 is successfully married to actor Jeff Stone. Her measurements are 36-23-35-1/2
April 56 she and Stone announce they hope to have four children in the next three years
? the Stones adopt a son, Michael
July 57 inherits from her father's estate equivalents to one and a half million dollars. She will have to spend it in her native France.
July 57 her marriage to Stone crumbles
August 57 is a witness in the Los Angeles trial against Confidential publisher Fred Meade stating that the story concerning her amorous demands on her ex-husband, Bromfield, were "absolutely untrue"
September 57 has her first public appearance since the Confidential trial on "The Steve Allen Show"
May 58 her frequent nightclub escort is songwriter Billy Rose
October 58 sings at Le Cupidon
March 59 she and Stone separate
April 59 gets slapped by another gal at the Harwyn while they are with two beaux. Corinne, a perfect lady, doesn't belt back.
June 59 dates television director Allen Reisner
August 59 seeks a divorce from Stone in Santa Monica, California, claiming mental cruelty. She seeks custody of their 3-year-old son.
September 59 Stone withdraws the cross-complaint. Friends blame the split on Jeff's disinclination to play stooge and second fiddle.
November 59 dates actor John Ireland in London. He is there filming Faces in the Dark.
29 March 60 receives a divorce in Santa Monica, after testifying that Stone's conduct damaged her health. She is awarded $150 monthly support for their son and 10 per cent of his earnings over $20,000 a year. He's 34; she's 32. Stone is expected to marry Michele Triola when he's free, but in January 1961 he's seen around with Bombay-born actress Kamala Devi.
December 60 she and Donald Scott don't let the marriage rumors die
January 62 returns to her career after a hiatus of a few years
August 66 she and producer Al Gannaway are the most romantic duo at Chateau Madrid
16 September 66 marries Albert C. Gannaway in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's 46; she's 41. Gannaway will leave her just a week after their marriage
66 the Gannaways separate
67 her longtime boyfriend, Donald Scott, sues her to recover assets that he placed under her name in order to hide them from his wife in a divorce battle
6 October 67 files for divorce from Gannaway in Los Angeles, charging him with causing her "mental suffering and anguish" during their one-year marriage.
14 February 68 divorces Gannaway in Los Angeles. She tells the court Gannaway gave her money for two weeks and stayed away for two months.
1 July 68 marries producer/commercial photographer Robert J. Wirt of San Francisco in Santa Fe, New Mexico
10 July 69 the Wirts separate
8 October 71 files for divorce from Wirt at San Mateo County Superior Court in Redwood City, California
83 publishes her memoir, "Has Corinne Been a Good Girl?"
? retired from making films, she becomes a therapist and lives many years in Santa Monica
98 has become a hypnotist and tries to hypnotize Susan Bernard
00 resides in Santa Monica
23 June 01 as Corinne Calvet, she dies at age 76 of cerebral hemorrhage in Los Angeles, California
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