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(Dorothy Lorraine Roberts)
27 February 26 is born in Seattle, Washington
30 August 47 marries actor Cleve Allen Richardson, a.k.a. John Crawford, in Santa Ana, California
poses for Bernard of Hollywood
23 February 48 her daughter Michelle Anne is born in Los Angeles
September 49 is painted by Andrew Loomis for the cover art of The American magazine
6 September 50 stars in the stage production of One in a Lifetime at the Players' Ring Theater
3 October 51 her daughter, Lee is born in Los Angeles, who will become a recurring player on Chevrolet Presents the Golddiggers
53 divorces Crawford after an affair with actress Beverly Garland's husband. Crawford will marry actress Anne Wakefield in 1956 and die at age 90 in 2010 in Los Angeles.
December 54 is featured in Photoplay
? is a Las Vegas showgirl
August 58 is seen at the Oyster House with Ben Serlis
February 59 is seen at Dino’s Lodge with Ben Serlis
59 is married
works at the Moulin Rouge (once Earl Carroll's) nightclub as a showgirl
is called the "prettiest showgirl in the world"
May 62 is featured in Man's Daring
July 72 is featured in Hollywood Studio Magazine
21 March 11 as Lorraine Crawford, she dies at age 85 in Burbank, California
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