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Lisa Daniels
Lisa Daniels
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(Elizabeth Morgan)
? is born in England
? suffers an almost crippling bicycle accident at age two
February 53 arrives in the States aboard the Queen Mary. She is called to Hollywood for film work.
September 54 expects her annulment from British actor Peter Daniels. There are rumors her next husband will be Bob Roark, but he won't marry her unless he is able to support her.
19 October 58 marries Roger H. Lewis of New York in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, in a Jewish ceremony performed in the home of the bridegroom's brother-in-law and sister. Lewis is national director of advertising, publicity, and exploitation at United Artists.
2 June 59 her daughter, Alycia Anne, is born in Lying-In Hospital, New York
December 65 is seen out with Safeway heir Paul Fagan
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