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Marie Devereux
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(Patricia Sutcliffe)
27 November 40 is born in New Malden, Surrey
? appears nearly nude as a 16-year-old in magazines like Spick and Span
? dances nude at London's Windmill Theatre
? her friend, struggling young actor Michael Caine, introduces her to pinup photographer Harrison Marks
57 - 60 works for Marks and is paid 10.00 pounds per session
58 fellow actress-model Pamela Green persuades George to take Marie to the Scilly Isles for the shooting of On Location
60 has to lie in the coffin for three hours for her part in Brides of Dracula
becomes a movie starlet and appears in no less than 70 films during the 50s and 60s
? is featured in Playboy
63 is a stand-in for Liz Taylor in the Rome-filmed Cleopatra and goes back to Hollywood with the crew
63 wins her first Hollywood part in The Long Corridor
30 December 19 dies at age 79 in Meridian, Idaho
Little Shoppe of Horrors #14, Indiana Evening Gazette, Steve Sullivan
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