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2 January / June 41 is born in Wenatchee, Washington, of Swedish-Norwegian descent, not half-Indian
? moves with her family to Palm Springs, where she acts in high school plays and later with the Palm Springs Playhouse
? spends her summers in Washington and winters in Southern California
after high school she works for a telephone company in Palm Springs
? her brother marries the sister of actress Noreen Nash
? is spotted by a talent scout on a Hawaiian beach while vacationing with a girlfriend and poses for Playboy
64 meets AIP founder James H. Nicholson while filming Ride the Wild Surf
64 is groomed for stardom by AIP; they include her in their Starburst of Youth program
64 is nominated for Most Promising New Star by Photoplay, but loses out to Barbara Parkins
64 is voted a Hollywood Deb Star
Thanksgiving 64 spends the holiday with her War-Gods of the Deep director, Jacques Tourneur, at the Carlton
November 64 has a Christmas tree in her hotel room while still filming War-Gods of the Deep
December 64 Nicholson is ordered to pay his estranged wife, Sylvia, $1,250 per month temporary support. The couple has three daughters and charges each other with adultery. Mrs. Nicholson names Susan as correspondent; Mr. Nicholson charges his wife with infidelities with five men. Nicholson is 48; Sylvia is 42; Susan is 22.
November 65 she and Nicholson tell reporters at the Savoy hotel in London that they plan to marry. She is in England to promote Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine.
65 marries Nicholson. He is 24 years her senior.
due to Nicholson's divorcing his first wife, his lawyer, Sam Arkoff, gains controlling interest in AIP
spends a lot of her social life visiting Europe with her husband and talking about films
65 is off to Rome for the filming of Planet of the Vampires opposite Barry Sullivan, but is replaced by Norma Bengell before production starts
? her son is born
72 during the production of The Legend of Hell House, her husband is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor
10 December 72 becomes the widow of Nicholson
gets involved in a year-long lawsuit with the two men in charge of AIP
81 her "Is This a Disco or a Honky Tonk" makes it to the Top 100
81 marries Roy M. Hofheinz, a Harvard professor and son of the late Judge Roy Hofheinz, Texas entrepreneur and builder of the Astrodome
Mid-80s takes up ice skating with a precision team
02 resides in Palm Springs, California
03 is awarded a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars
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