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(Cheri Ann Mariotto)
1 September 45 is born in Bellingham, Washington, to Frank and Lynne Mariotto
June 63 graduates from Bellingham High School
63 - 64 attends Western Washington State College
? attends Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois
67 is a United Airlines stewardess when discovered for films. Hollywood agent Dick Clayton spots her on a flight and gives her the pitch.
? two major studios bid for her favors. She opts for Universal and is signed to a contract.
? attends the University of Hawaii studying to be a speech therapist
October 67 is queen of the baseball celebrity golf tournament at Canyon Hotel in Palm Springs, California
Late October 67 attends Jack Jones’ opening at the Cocoanut Grove with Chris George
November 67 columnist Dorothy Manners reports that at Jack Jones’ opening at the Cocoanut Grove “Chris George was eyeing beautiful blue-eyed brunette Sharon Harvey, who just signed with Universal...”
Mid-December 67 is among eight finalists in the "1968 Hollywood Star of Tomorrow" contest, which will be decided on January 27, 1968 and be hosted by Gene Kelly. The others are Barbara Hancock, 20, Atlanta, Georgia; Marianne Gordon 23, Athens, Georgia; Susan Howard, 23, Marshall, Texas; Barbara Moore, 24, Wardell, Missouri; Susan Trustman, 24, New York City; Monica Peterson, 24, Leesburg, Virginia; and Suzie Kayo, 24, New York City. Two young foreign actresses will compete with them, one from Holland, and one from Israel.
Early January 68 as a Star of Tomorrow finalist, she is pictured beside a Hollywood pool
c. 68 is spotted by a scout of the Tanya Hawaii Corporation while she and several friends are tanning themselves on the beach in Hawaii
becomes "Miss Tanya," the symbol of a suntan lotion, on the Sea & Ski suntan billboards. The campaign will last at least four years.
June 68 Lee Majors is reported going stag to Charles Elkin's ice skating party at the Laurel Plaza rink but ending up with her at the Daisy Club
is set for a featured role in Wylie
October 68 attends Jan McCormack’s birthday party for producer Dick Amatico at the Club John with Dick Clayton
c. early 69 she and Patty Poulsen, American Airlines stewardess, are signed for Ross Hunter's upcoming Airport
November 70 is on hand at the Ontario Motor Speedway in Ontario, California
May 71 columnist Marilyn Beck reports from Hollywood: "Singer John Rowles has got himself a new lovely, curvy Sharon Harvey."
72 is reported residing in Hawaii
May 72 is on a five-city promotion tour for Tanya suntan preparations
30 December 76 marries Barry A. Rose in Las Vegas
January 77 divorces Rose in Los Angeles
10 resides in Venice, California
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