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(Adele Jurgenson)
26 November 17 is born in Brooklyn, New York, of Norwegian descent to Christian and Haren Jurgenson
? grows up in Ridgewood, New York, in a working-class Brooklyn neighborhood
? plays baseball in the streets with the neighborhood boys and roots for the Dodgers at home games
c. 30 wins a dancing scholarship to the Alvertina Rasch Studios in Manhattan at age 13
c. 32 debuts in a Broadway musical
? graduates from Grover Cleveland High School
? is a chorus girl at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre and a model for the John Roberts Powers Agency in New York City
35 dances at Nicky Blair's Paradise with Joyce Mathews and other beauties
? models in Rio, London, and Paris
? is a chorine in several Broadway musicals
? is one of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes
44 debuts in Hollywood with an uncredited bit part in Jane Eyre
? signs a Columbia contract
? has a public relations buildup due to her good relations with the producer, the director, and Columbia boss Harry Cohn
January 45 Ray Sinatra, a cousin of Frank's, can't marry her because he is already married to somebody else
February 45 her sugar daddy is a movie magnate
March 45 songwriter Jerry Marks carries a big torch for her
February 46 is named "All-American Girl" by the men of the 504th parachute infantry
April 47 drives a small coupe and shares a modest apartment with her mother
June 47 feels cyclonic over Tom Gassara
October 47 blames the high American divorce rate on sloppy wrappers. She states "a wife ought to keep herself as attractive as other women. That means no sloppy wrappers."
February 48 she and Australian-born actor Ron Randell catch up with each other
March 48 she and Bob Scott may march to the altar
May 48 is a-feudin', a-fussin', and a-fightin' with actor-writer Don McGuire
May 48 is seen ringside at the Copa
August 48 dates comedian Milton Berle
November 48 leaves Columbia
January 49 looks for a show at Armando's
June 49 steady-dates a prominent San Francisco businessman
January 50 says she has given up her title as Hollywood's Number 1 nightclub customer in order to concentrate on her career
April 50 reigns as queen of National Hot Tea Week
January 51 her friends suspect she may become Mrs. Glenn Langan before spring
May 51 her marriage to Langan may be off
August 51 attends the marriage of actress Sally Forrest and Milo Frank and catches the bride's bouquet
? marries actor Glenn Langan
11 September 52 her son, Tracy T., is born in Los Angeles. He will become a film technician.
August 54 she and Langan have plans for "Pony Express Scout," a new television series
? lives with her family in Encino
? settles with her family in Ventura County, near Camarillo
c. 60s her husband becomes a real estate broker
19 January 91 becomes the widow of Langan, who dies of cancer at age 74 in Los Angeles
90s moves into a retirement community in Camarillo
4 July 01 her son, Tracy, dies at age 48 from a brain tumor in Los Angeles
22 November 02 as Adele Jergens Langan, she dies at age 84 in Camarillo, California, of natural causes
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