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6 July 26 is born in Providence, Kentucky
46 is "Chicago's Prettiest Office Worker" at the time she hits Hollywood
? is on stage at the Pasadena Playhouse
February 46 signs with RKO and models her summer bathing suit for the first pin-up pose of her motion picture career
October 46 she and actor Dennis Day are a heart toddy
columnist Louella Parsons reports: "Marian Carr, who is as pretty as a girl in Hollywood, and Dennis Day, who is as nice as any boy in our town, dining at the Brown Derby..."
promotes the Pacific Coast Antique Show in Los Angeles wearing a garter pistol
December 46 is crowned "Insomnia Girl" by eight of Hollywood's amateur painters, who include Edward G. Robinson, Hoagy Carmichael, and Edgar Bergen, because her beauty "is enough to keep a man awake at night"
February 47 is signed by agent Wynn Rocamora of New York while making personal appearances in San Quentin. He has several offers for her.
is mentioned as a replacement for the New York production of Harvey
? leaves Hollywood and marries Fred L. Levy, young dynamic head of Blum’s Candy Company, the ex of dancer Renee De Marco
c. 52 her son, Freddie, is born
53 returns to Hollywood and becomes involved with television
November 53 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that TV has found a new Marilyn Monroe of its own. "Her name is Marian Carr and she's been overheating the tubes opposite Dick Powell in 'The Witness' on 'Four Star Playhouse' and in other on-film dramatic shows. Blonde and bounce, Marian walked out of an RKO film contract without making a picture, then landed the lead opposite Dan Duryea in World for Ransom. But she's missed many a role, she says, because: 'Casting directors seem to think I'm too sexy for living rooms.'"
March 54 her marriage to Levy is over. Levy will die at age 53 in 1966 in San Francisco.
May 54 is escorted to the Captain's Table by writer Jackie Barnett
December 54 Ralph Meeker is reported having dated in one week Gaby Rogers, Lori Nelson, and Maxine Cooper. "But maybe this is because his most serious romance, Marian Carr, was in New York. She's back now."
January 55 attends oilman Arthur Cameron’s private party for the Shah and the Empress of Iran in Beverly Hills with escort Hal Hayes. Among the guests are Sonja Henie and Alfredo de la Varga, Suzanne Dadoli with Dick Cowell, Jack Dempsey with Estelle Allurdale, Virginia Bruce with Ali Ipar, Nicky Hilton with Judy Spreckles. Queen Mother Nazli of Egypt wears her $100,000 diamond and ruby necklace.
March 55 she and Bob Calhoun are among the firstnighters charmed at the Mocambo by Tom Arden
July 57 the press reports that she's giving pictures another try. "A few years ago Marian gave up film work for marriage."
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