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(Caroline Jane Munro)
16 January 49 is born in Windsor, Berkshire, England
c. 66 is elected "Face of the Year" and signs a contract for Vogue at the age of 17
? her first friend is Zombies' lead, Colin Blunstone
? is poster girl for Lamb's Navy Rum
67 does advertisements for Noxzema
23 March 70 marries US singer-record producer Judd Douglas Hamilton in a civil celebration in Las Vegas. He’s 28; she’s 21. Her stepchildren are Judd, Jr., and Tami.
80 ? divorces Hamilton
82 is in Adam Ant's video "Goody Two Shoes"
May 85 attends the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, New York. Other guests of the convention are make-up wizard Tom Savini and horror host John Zacherle.
January 90 marries writer-director George M. H. Dugdale in Islington, London
June 90 her daughter Georgina is born in London
July 94 her daughter Iona May is born in London
29 May 99 attends a Hammer Reunion party at Bray
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