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17 January 25 is born in Golden, British Columbia, Canada, to English parents
? moves with her parents to England at age 8
? is a 15-year-old manicurist in a gentlemen's barbershop at a Kingston department store in London when a Warner Brothers casting director asks her to test
43 gets a contract from Gainsborough Pictures
48 makes her movie debut at 18 with the British Panic at Madame Tussauds
45 studies drama at the Central School of Dramatic Arts at Albert Hall in London
is in a play with Clive Brook and Margaret Johnston
c. 54 in England, she meets screenwriter-producer Sy Bartlett, the ex of actress Ellen Drew, who has rough times getting jobs in the States due to the McCarthy blacklist
December 54 is ring-shopping with Bartlett
56 goes to Hollywood
7 April 56 marries screenwriter-producer Sidney "Sy" Bartlett at La Horizon, oilman-producer Jack Wrather and actress Bonita Granville's Palm Springs resort. It's his third and her second marriage. He's 47; she's 24. Gregory Peck is the best man. Alan Ladd, Kirk Douglas, and Robert Mitchum attend.
57 is off to the West Indies for her first movie for 20th Century-Fox, Island in the Sun
July 57 announces plans to divorce Bartlett after little more than a year of marriage, charging incompatibility
18 March 58 files for divorce from Bartlett in Santa Monica, California. She testifies: "He told me it was up to a woman to accept everything her husband said as gospel law and never question him." Bartlett will marry Carol Weber, a widow, in 1963.
April 58 reconciliation talks between her and Bartlett will be delayed until she finishes The Fly
? becomes an item with Jack Ellis
August 58 attends Hyatt Von Dehn's elegant costume party with fellow actor Kent Smith. She announces that she and Jack Ellis are friendly but she don't want to steady-date him anymore. Jack attends with "Miss Ireland," Cindy Conroy.
September 58 she and Ellis make up and have a couple of dates
59 Alfred Hitchcock invites her for tea to his trailer while directing her on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
June 59 attends the premiere of The Diary of Anne Frank with actor John McGuire
October 59 dates a well-known producer
October 59 attends Gary, Phillip, Dennis, and Lindsay Crosby's opening at the Mocambo with her mother and her fiancé, Jerry Nathanson
June 60 is a surprise luncheon twosome at 20th Century-Fox with actor Bob Bray
10 July 60 marries wealthy real estate investor Jerome Nathanson at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's his second marriage. He's 49; she's 30.
July 60 promotes Darling, a new hairdo modeled after Senator John F. Kennedy's
August 60 will not shed Nathanson as rumored
25 August 60 files for divorce from Nathanson in Santa Monica, California. She says to expect a child from her one-month marriage and wins $750-a-month temporary support.
16 February 61 her son, Adam D., is born in Los Angeles
12 May 61 obtains a divorce decree from Nathanson and custody of their son in Santa Monica. Nathanson will die at age 83 in 1994 in Los Angeles.
November 64 is signed by producer A.C. Lyles for his upcoming Black Spurs
? marries for the third time
Mid-90 lives in retirement in the High Desert, north of Hollywood
31 August 00 as Patricia M. Owens, she dies at age 75 in Lancaster, California
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