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(Yvonne Warren)
17 February 38 is born in London of Maltese descent
? studies at the Italia School of Acting and appears with various companies
58 marries British lyricist Leslie Bricusse
? her son, Adam, is born. He'll go into photography.
December 69 Roger Moore's their houseguest in Hollywood for the premiere of Goodbye, Mr. Chips
March 70 columnist Jack O'Brian wonders: "If song smith Leslie Bricusse and wife Evie reconcile, where does that leave one real estater?"
she and Bricusse reunite and celebrate a second honeymoon in Acapulco
? suffers an auto accident when she is thrown through the windshield of her car. Miraculously, her long, thick shock of hair saves her from even superficial scratches, and after several days of observation in the hospital, doctors release her with a clean bill of health.
January 71 Bricusse is reported patching up permanently his rocky marriage to her. Columnist Suzy knows that "it's for the sake of their young son, Adam, that they made so many persistent tries at reconciliation."
June 74 she and Bricusse are guests at a party thrown by Vincente Minnelli and Lee Anderson at Minnelli's house for the Duke and the Duchess de Segovia of Spain
Christmas 74 Bricusse celebrates the holidays with her and his son. She and Bricusse maintain a fabulous villa on Malta.
September 75 their houseguest at their Beverly Hills home is British actor David Hemmings. He's there for the filming of Islands in the Stream.
Early December 83 she and her husband attend actress Sarah Douglas' birthday party in Los Angeles. Among the guests are the Pointer Sisters, Joan Collins, Jane Seymour, Alex Goudonov, Grace and Harold Robbins, Cicely Tyson, Tim Leary, Cliff Robertson, Abby Dalton, Jeff Conaway, and most of the "Falcon Crest" cast.
April 84 she and her husband attend a party thrown by Michael Caine and his wife, Shakira, at their Beverly Hills mansion for Prince Andrew. The guests include Jamie Lee Curtis, Dyan Cannon, Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, Lew Wasserman and his wife, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal, the Kirk Douglases, The Louis Jourdans, Sylvester Stallone, Audrey and Billy Wilder, Luisa and Roger Moore, and Mary and Irving Lazar.
January 85 she and Bricusse are seen at Elaine's. They have just returned from their holiday together in Antigua.
February 88 she and her husband are among the guests at Dani Janssen's swell birthday party in Hollywood
May 88 her husband throws her a grand black-tie birthday soiree at the St. James Club on Sunset Boulevard. Michael Feinstein and George Hamilton sing. Among the 99 guests: Audrey Wilder, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Polly Bergen, Maud Adams, Tony Newley, Nancy Sinatra and Jack Haley, Jr., Sidney Sheldon, Dana and Cubby Broccoli, Barbara and Marvin Davis, Joan and George Axelrod, Wendy and Leonard Goldberg, Hank Mancini, Roddy McDowall, David Niven, Jr., Jackie Collins and Oscar Lerman, David Hemmings, Sammy Cahn, Vidal Sassoon, and Dani Janssen.
03 she and her husband of over forty years, Leslie Bricusse, still do the social circuit. They live in the South of France for part of the year.
05 as Yvonne Bricusse, she resides with her husband in Beverly Hills
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