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(Patricia Ann Sheehan)
7 September 31 is born in San Francisco, California, one of three children of Arthur Edmond and Gladys Anna Sheehan, nee Larson.
35 her parents divorce
? attends San Francisco's Marina Junior High
49 is crowned "Miss Dairy Maid"
50 is crowned "Miss San Francisco"
9 January 51 marries Georg J. von Duuglas-Ittu, a union official, in Carson City, Nevada. He’s 11 years her senior.
21 October 51 her son Franz Nicholas Gregory von Duuglas-Ittu is born in San Francisco. He will become a film producer and screenwriter.
June 53 is featured in Frolic
53 her father dies of diabetes
6 January 54 divorces Duuglas-Ittu in Los Angeles. She receives custody of their boy. Duuglas-Ittu will die at age 70 in 1989 in Los Angeles.
6 May 55 is a bridesmaid at the wedding of Naida Joan Curtis with fellow actress Suzanne Ames
July 55 is one of six Goldwyn Girls” picked by Sam Goldwyn, Sr., average age 21. They leave for New York, where they will fan out for personal appearance tours to plug Guys and Dolls. The blondes are Pat, June Kirby, and Larri Thomas. The brunettes are Barbara Brent, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn.
February 56 is NBC's answer to Marilyn Monroe, the first glamour gal ever signed to a term contract by the TV network
March 56 is named "Queen of the NBC Comedy Hour"
April 56 promotes Art Linkletter's opening of the baseball season at NBC
has a short affair with singer Bing Crosby. Actress Inger Stevens is furious over this last fling of Bing's.
May 56 takes drama lessons from actress Agnes Moorehead
May 57 she and Bing have become inseparable
July 57 is wooed by Bing Crosby at Hollywood's Villa Capri. There are rumors she and Bing date again.
August 57 shifts from Crosby to millionaire Bob Neal
October 57 meets Dennis Crosby
November 57 is seen at the Sy Devore-Saul Meadows costume party with Dennis Crosby
is featured in Scamp
? introduces Dennis' twin brother, Phillip, to fellow showgirl Sandra Drummond. She and Sandra are in the same show. Phillip Crosby will marry Sandra Drummond in 1958.
January 58 her mother, Gladys Sheehan, and Bing Crosby bless her upcoming marriage to Bing's son Dennis. The marriage will take place in two weeks either in the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills or the Roman Catholic Church in Palm Springs.
February 58 there are complications to the upcoming marriage because she's a divorcee with a six-year-old son. If her first marriage is found to be valid, there's no chance of the second ceremony being performed by a priest.
she and Dennis plan to marry on or about April 15
4 May 58 marries Dennis M. Crosby, son of Bing Crosby and Dixie Lee, in a Protestant ceremony at the Gretna Green Wedding Chapel between her show performances at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. She's 26; he's 23. The couple had dinner at a restaurant next door when they decided to marry immediately.
7 May 58 25-year-old Hollywood brunette Marilyn Miller Scott files a paternity suit against Pat's husband concerning their mutual daughter, Denise, born in 1957. Neither Bing, nor Dennis, nor Pat will discuss the subject.
July 58 is featured in Tempo
July 58 stays at home because she is expecting and doesn't feel well while her husband attends Jack Haley, Jr.'s welcome home party for Gary Crosby
September 58 Crosby’s attorney, Milton Golden, files a petition to adopt her 6-year-old son, Franz. The whereabouts of the boy’s father are not known. The press tells that Duuglas-Ittu was known in Hollywood as assistant movie director and actor’s representative George Douglas.
October 58 is featured in Playboy
December 58 Crosby adopts Franz. The boy is renamed Gregory Crosby.
21 December 58 her second child, Dennis Michael Crosby, Jr., is born prematurely in California
July 59 she and Sandra Drummond, bride of Phillip Crosby, attend the Chicago opening of husband Dennis and his brothers at the Chez Paree
October 59 attends the Crosby boys' opening at the Moulin Rouge with actress Kathy Grant and Bing's mother, Kate
28 December 60 a Los Angeles jury composed of nine mothers and three fathers decides that Dennis is the father of Marilyn Scott's daughter. Dennis shows no sign of emotion at the verdict. The 3-year-old girl will become TV actress Denise Crosby.
30 December 60 her son Patrick A. is born in Los Angeles
December 62 her husband tries a trial separation from her. She says to be sure it's not serious, and they will get back together. She doesn't know where Dennis is.
16 August 63 the Crosbys separate
August 63 hires an attorney to file for divorce after a five-year marriage. She's 31; he's 28.
September 63 files for divorce in Santa Monica, charging mental and physical cruelty
3 July 64 divorces Crosby in Santa Monica, California. She claims that he was a bad father, a habitual drinker, and a neglectful husband. She will receive $800 monthly alimony for ten years, plus $700 per month child support and free use of the couple's Beverly Hills home. Crosby is an associate producer with his father's production company. He will marry Arleen Buell in 1965 and commit suicide with a gun in May 1991.
25 September 65 is featured in Parade
? uses the name, Pat Crosby
70 attends the premiere of WUSA (1970) at the Director's Guild Theater with Rod Taylor
? resides in West Hollywood, California
96 is interviewed for The Playmate Book: Five Decades of Centerfolds
c. 05 develops breast cancer and uterine cancer
14 January 06 as Patricia A. Crosby, she dies at age 74 in Beverly Hills, California, of a heart attack
26 April 19 is posthumously inducted into the Galileo Academy of Science and Technology Hall of Merit with the honor being accepted by her nephew Samuel Claesson
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