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27 November 39 ? is born in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father's a successful Stockholm lawyer; her mother's a sociologist.
? is raised in Sweden
? starts modeling at age 13
? is "Swedish Junior Ice Skater" at age 16
October 59 local newspapers picture her and tell about her upcoming trip to the United States "to lure tourists to her country and to land a film contract in Hollywood"
61 tours with the Ice Capades and goes to Hollywood. She speaks Danish, French, English, and German.
61 doubles as a stunt skier for Luciana Paluzzi in Return to Peyton Place
? returns to Europe to study law at the University of Stockholm and art at the Sorbonne in Paris, acquiring fluent proficiency in seven languages
c. 63 does TV in Paris and wins a role in a Swedish movie, The Yellow Car
? meets her future husband, Gilbert Cole, a business consultant, in the catacombs of Italy
? marries Cole
? her son, Jonathan, is born
65 is back in Hollywood
tests for the part of April Dancer in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," but the part goes to Mary Ann Mobley
October 65 studies for a Master of Fine Arts Degree at UCLA
producer-director Ivan Tors casts her after a three-month search for a new feminine personality in MGM-TV's "Flipper"
gives beauty advice in local newspapers with trim-the-chin exercises
Mid-April 66 is crowned Azalea Queen as the highlight of the Wilmington, North Carolina, Azalea Festival. Governor Dan K. Moore, who says he knows it is okay since his wife is looking, steals a kiss from her as he places the crown on her head.
November 66 will narrate an informal fashion show at a Swedish Christmas bazaar held at the home of the Sweden's Consul Walter G. Danielson
January 67 she, fellow hostess Rolla Altman, and actor Preston Foster promote the Southern California Boat Show held at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium Boat space from February 17 until 26
October 67 attends the Leif Erikson Day Festival at the Hollywood Palladium by performing in a Viking skit
resides in Sherman Oaks, California
4 November 67 serves as a commentator for the Scandinavian Fashion Show and Swedish Christmas Bazaar Festival held at the Los Feliz home of Sweden's Consul Walter G. Danielson
? the Coles move to Cannes, France
79 films "Achtung Zoll" in Germany
13 June 86 ? dies at age 46 in Cannes, France
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