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(Jacqueline Rose Thomas)
2 November 29? is born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Francis C. and Eleanore F. Thomas
? is a Gerber baby at age 8
? does children's theater
? is a teenage model
? a MGM talent scout spots her in a stock production
Late 40s goes to Hollywood
? signs a 6-month contract with MGM at age 17
48 refuses to bed Columbia boss Harry Cohn. She will remember that "he didn't like that very much."
at Columbia she's kept as a threat to Joan Caulfield
49 is scheduled to appear in for Mighty Joe Young, but Howard Hughes gives the part to his mistress, Terry Moore
late 49 is put under contract by Hal B. Wallis, who changes her name from Jacqueline to Lyn. He also chases her around the desk a few times.
49 her director in Black Midnight, Budd Boetticher, falls for her double, Ann Robinson, and they have a big 12 day-romance
keeps her producer, Lindsley Parsons, thinking he may bed her sometime, but he never does
? gets her degree in psychology
c. 51 after a screen test opposite Ava Gardner for My Forbidden Past, directed by Billy Wilder, she has dinner with billionaire Howard Hughes at one of his houses. When she refuses to go to bed with him, Janis Carter gets her part.
16 August 52 marries George Warren Hedges in Los Angeles at the Little Brown Chapel. He’s 24; she’s 23. They met while attending night school for their psychology degrees.
c. 53 has a crush on Rex Allen, her co-star in Red River Shore
c. 54 her marriage to Hedges is dissolved amicably
? is the girlfriend of married producer Robert L. Lippert. Lippert is 20 years her senior.
c. 57 is engaged to producer-actor Jack Webb. He was married to actress-singer Julie London and will marry Jackie Loughery.
c. 58 volunteers for some time at the Veteran's Hospital in Westwood, California
58 she and co-star Bill Williams are scheduled to attend the world premiere of their upcoming Space Master in Florida
? is together three or four times with Steve Brodie, her co-star in Three Came to Kill, Here Come the Jets, and Arson for Hire
Summer 58 marries architect Jules Salkin
February 59 wins a divorce from Salkin, testifying that she lost 26 pounds during their 6-month marriage. She gets his gray Cadillac along with $200 monthly alimony. He's 42; she's 27. Salkin will die at age 81 in 1998 in Los Angeles.
? retires and marries four times
19 May 78 marries William W. Holl in Los Angeles. He's 47; she's 48.
99 resides at a California golf club with Holl, her husband of 21 years
02 resides in Ramona
? calls her first husband, George Warren Hedges, out of the blue. Hedges and his third wife reside in Palm Springs, California.
26 August 04 as Lyn Thomas Holl, she dies at age 74 in Murrieta, California, of lung cancer
Ladies of the Western by Michael Fitzgerald and Boyd Magers, The News, Variety,
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