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(Janet Helen Watson)
17 December 42 is born in New York City
? graduates from Brea-Olinda High School
60 rejects the role of Carol Wilson in The Avengers
61 as an 18-year-old UCLA student, she is crowned "Miss Hollywood"
23 June 61 enters the "Miss California" contest in Hollywood and becomes first runner-up to Pamela May Stettler, the 18-year-old "Miss San Rafael." Other runner-ups are "Miss Sausalito," Christa Friedlander, 19; "Miss Venice," Marilynn Tindall, 20; and "Miss La Habra," Jacque Cothran, 18.
Mid-June 62 replaces Pamela Stettler as "Miss California" just to crown the new "Miss California," Marilynn Tindall, in Los Angeles. Officials of the "Miss California" pageant say last year's winner lost her crown because she married 19-year-old Joe Costello.
19 January 63 marries William C. Hidalgo in Los Angeles. He's 28; she's 20.
August 63 is named queen of the $39,000 guaranteed L.A. Open Singles Bowling Tourney, opening September 9
December 65 she and Arlene Charles, "Miss Indiana of 1964," play featured roles in Alvarez Kelly
February 66 divorces Hidalgo in Los Angeles
21 June 68 marries director Henry Levin, the ex of Mildred Cohen Donahue. He’s 59; she’s 25.
29 April 69 her son, Anthony J., is born in Los Angeles
13 September 72 divorces Levin in Los Angeles
17 December 73 marries Seymour R. Winston in Los Angeles. He's 47; she's 31.
November 22 is featured in Classic Images
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