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15 July 27 is born
41 the boys on the corner by the candy store give her low wolf whistles as she saunters by, so she's inspired to become a model
43 attends Casey Jones School of Aeronautics to learn to be an aircraft mechanic and work on war planes
28 July 45 is in New York's Empire State Building on the 56th floor working for USD headquarters when a B-25 crashes into the 79th floor. Fourteen people are killed; she narrowly escapes, but that's another story.
47 enters and wins a "Miss Flatbush" contest
48 becomes an artists illustrator and muralist model for all the top names in the industry such as Dean Cornwell and many others
? is a centerfold in Esquire magazine twice for illustrator Al Moore
? appears in Fawcett and Dell magazine illustrations and on many Signet pocket-book covers through artists like John Alan Maxwell, Ed Vebell, Willard Downes, and others
? joins the Dramatic workshop in New York and meets Charley Chaplin, Jr., and Albert Salmi. They become buddies.
49 gets a call to work on the Texaco Theater for Uncle Miltie, then for Broadway Open House, then for the Jack Carter show and many more
January 51 promotes the New York Motor Boat Show as a model
March 51 twists her ankle getting off the Lexington Avenue bus onto a cracked sidewalk. With her ankle still unhealed she goes to Hollywood and is hired as a showgirl in Reno, Nevada, just before going back to New York.
returns to Hollywood after winning many jackpots in Reno
? appears on Acme Billboards by Ren Wicks on Sunset Strip, which fulfills her childhood fantasy
? is chosen to be "Miss Earl Carroll" in Holiday for Love at the Earl Carroll theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. She is also hired for Lou Holtz's Merry Go Round. She has to bow out of the Earl Carroll show, which folds in a week. Lou Holtz's show runs forever and goes to Broadway.
52 is hired for the musical My L.A., written by a very young Larry Gelbart. The show folds due to financial problems.
Summer 52 is invited to Ray Anthony's party for Marilyn Monroe to announce the song "Marilyn." She shows up in the lowest cut neckline in media history. The press swoops down on her and gives her millions of dollars worth of coverage. Mickey Rooney hangs on to her and out with her.
works in her first movie, Actors and Sin, and is in All Ashore with Rooney and singer-actor Dick Haymes
August 52 goes to Alaska to work in a dance group called the
"Hollywood Starlets"
? dates "B" star Scott Brady
? the Bob Hope show calls for her so she appears in skits with Hope for 3 shows. NBC casts her on "The Colgate Comedy Hour" with Donald O'Connor and on the Eddie Cantor Show. Danny Thomas and many more play comedy skits with her.
? RKO casts her in Son of Sinbad and in The French Line with Jane Russell and Gilbert Roland. Gilbert invites her to the Tennis Club in Beverly Hills.
January 53 goes to Las Vegas to work as a showgirl at the Sahara Hotel. Billionaire Howard Hughes sends her a note backstage asking her to meet him after the show. She accepts and they become friends. He is very impressed with her aircraft knowledge.
? is chosen to appear at the Marcal theater as a showgirl and comedienne
54 goes to Korea with "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom to entertain 100,000 troops
is chosen for the street scene with Kirk Douglas in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He promises her that when the picture is over he's going to call because she is just his type. When the picture is finished, he gets married and is with the same wife for 50 years.
is chosen from hundreds of girls to tour with Spike Jones for 30 one-nighters across the United States. She is in skits and emcees his acts. Later she plays the part of Gabby Lane with Mousie Garner as Cugie for a CBS special.
dates comedian Paul Gilbert. He proposes; she refuses. She doesn't think he is very stable having been married six times. Then he marries someone else and adopts Melissa, and the rest is Hollywood history.
creates the Voluptua show at KABC. She becomes TV's Love Goddess. Again she receives millions of dollars worth of publicity. The show is banned after seven controversial weeks.
31 January 55 appears in Life with Spencer Tracy on the cover. Her Voluptua spread covers three pages.
February 55 Playboy features five pages on Voluptua
works at Billy Gray's Band Box doing comedy with him. He is 5'3; she is 6' tall. He bounces off her.
works with Bob Mitchum in Night of the Hunter as Cooch Dancer; Charles Laughton is the choreographer. Bob Mitchum takes her to a two-hour lunch. Peter Graves asks for her phone number. He stops by to visit her while she is redecorating her home. Peter has romantic intentions. She refuses.
meets young actor Jim Garner and dates him all summer. Then he is signed by Warner Brothers and they split. Enter Stan Getz. They hang out with each other for quite a while during the filming of The Benny Goodman Story.
December 55 goes to Germany with "Slapsie Maxie" in a Christmas USO show. She leaves the troupe in Paris and goes to London to visit a large group of relatives.
calls a press conference and gets a big interview and is immediately cast for three shows and talks to BBC about doing the Voluptua show there
56 returns from London and gets work in New York. The New York Inquirer features her on the cover and three pages inside. The cover has tiny headshots of Princess Grace and Prince Ranier. Gloria's photo takes up the whole cover, which headlines "It's tough to be beautiful."
11 August 56 marries actor Robert Purdy Eaton on a whim. She will divorce him a year later when she finds him cheating. He takes off with Denise Darcel, then he goes with Ginger Rogers before marrying Lana Turner in 1965. He becomes Lana's 6th husband.
57 is a burlesque queen in Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Presley. She met him backstage at the Frontier Hotel a year before he became a star. Elvis is smitten with Gloria and they hang out together before and after the scenes.
57 - 63 graces the Tom Duggan show, the Oscar Levant show, and the Joe Pyne show and does over 2,500 live commercials. Oscar introduced her to Ira Gershwin and his wife, Lee, at their home. They become friends.
10 May 58 appears on the Life color cover of the famous tickle scene of The Brothers Karamazov
59 becomes a real estate agent
meets Casey Tibbs, world-famous broncobuster. She loves purple and lavender and he has a lavender car, too. So they purple around together.
60 buys a skyhouse in Nichols Canyon. Then actor-singer Ricky Nelson settles across the road from her and they become friends.
61 meets actor-director Dick Powell. They date and he helps pick out her sign for her new real estate office on the Sunset Strip. He does not finance this project. She opens her Lavender R.E. office on Sunset Strip with $10,000 saved from years of working and scrimping.
62 her friendship with Powell ends when he finds out he has cancer and returns to his wife, actress June Allyson
her office caters to celebrities doing rentals and sales. Everything is lavender and purple: all of her clothes, desks, typewriters, carpeting, first a 57 T-Bird, then later a Mercedes 220S Sedan.
63 builds an architectural masterpiece home three doors up from the little skyhouse and paints all the exposed beams and cabinets purple
64 meets Allen H. Kane, an auto dealer
18 September 65 marries Kane in Las Vegas, Nevada
December 67 her son, Jefferson Adam, is born
68 sells her houses and moves to Miami, Florida, where she will live for six years
? buys the Dodge agency in Atlanta, Georgia
78 returns to California
buys the Bel Air home of O. J. Simpson
79 sells Simpson's house and moves to Beverly Hills. She becomes actress Barbara Eden's next door neighbor for four years.
28 August 84 divorces Kane
returns to real estate and sells three houses to actor Tab Hunter
88 sells $3 million worth of condos in Glendale, California
90 starts to write and self-publish 13 books of memoirs. The titles will be: The Marilyn Monroe Party; I Danced Before The King (Elvis); Twas The Night I Met Elvis; Voluptua, TV's Love Goddess; The Girl of 100 Faces Shows You How to Pose 50's Style; Cameo Girl of the 50's; My Favorite Pinups; I Bought and Sold O.J.'s House in Bel Air; Let's Get Under My Covers; Tickled in Brothers K; Twilight Zone; 100 Passes For Lads and Lasses; My Life in Outer Space. All are available at or under (See link below)
92 attends a private screening of the revamped 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury is guest of honor.
30 December 12 dies at age 85 in Burbank, California
Gloria Pall
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