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c. 33 is born, raised, and educated in Toronto, Canada
? goes to California to attend a university
? attends Pasadena Junior College
10 October 53 marries Allan H. Buckhantz in Los Angeles. He’s 30;?she’s 20. He will become a TV director.
Mid-57 is on the Glendale, California, stage in Father of the Bride and Stage Door by Moss Hart. There she is discovered by a Walt Disney talent scout and tested for a part in "Zorro." She is signed for two episodes, but Bill Anderson, executive producer of "Zorro," visits the set late on what was to be her last day and tells her they are re-writing the next four episodes to keep her on.
58 resides in Beverly Hills
? divorces Buckhantz. He will marry actress Susanne Cramer in 1961 and die at age 88 in 2011.
October 59 is seen out for a few times with Peter Brown, estranged husband of Diane Jergens
December 59 breaks her left wrist horseback riding, so Mara Corday gets the feminine lead in an "Adventures in Paradise" segment
September 60 Buddy Bregman, former escort of actresses Pier Angeli and Anna Maria Alberghetti, is serious about her
3 July 61 marries Bregman, producer, director, writer, composer, conductor, arranger, and musical director
? moves to England, where she spends the next twelve years
29 May 63 her daughter, Tracey E., is born in Munich, Germany. She will become a soap opera actress.
66 is off to Paris, France, for Le Scandale
74 returns to the States and full-time motherhood
11 November 89 divorces Bregman
? returns to business. Her joy is being with her grandkids, Austin, 10, and Landon, 5.
03 attends the Asheville Film Festival in North Carolina
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