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(Helen Jean Ruckert)
24 August 20 is born in New York City of Irish descent
? spends much of her childhood in Kerry, Ireland
? returns to New York in her teens
? attends Mount St. Vincent College
? receives a bachelor’s degree from Hunter College
? studies English Literature at the Columbia University Graduate School
? during a visit to Radio City she attracts the attention of Harry Conover, who convinces her to become a model
? gets married and divorced
c. 47 producer Leonard Goldstein of Universal-International offers her a movie contract
March 47 still dates actor Rod Cameron exclusively. He teaches her to fly, so she learns to operate a plane before she does an automobile.
May 47 actor George Raft buys her dinners and phones her each day
is seen at Ciro’s with George Raft
June 47 her romance with Rod Cameron should be listed under "Thanks for the Memories"
at Ciro’s she and Raft are so engrossed with each other that they seem to see no one else
September 47 is back at the Champagne Room with Rod Cameron
May 48 asks for her release from Universal-International
August 48 producer Blake Edwards flies from Las Vegas to Hollywood to spend a few hours with her at the King’s restaurant. Edwards gets his divorce in Nevada around the last of the month. In spite of her denials, columnist Harrison Carroll won’t be surprised if she and Blake get married afterward
October 48 turns down a part in Ma and Pa Kettle film
November 48 will get her release from Universal if she pays back all salary received since September. The studio got enough from her loan-outs to Douglas Fairbanks and George Raft to take care of the two years’ pay.
May 50 Warner Brothers hires actress-director Marcella Cisney to comb the Hepburn twang out of Helena’s voice
April 51 her new cheek-pincher is Marvin Finch
July 51 recovers from a week of virus
Early May 52 her engagement to wealthy socialite Secondo Guasti is shaky. He has been dating other girls.
? returns that huge engagement ring to Guasti. He will be seen in July 1952 with Jo-Ann O’Connell, one of the beauties from the Song of Norway troupe.
May 52 is seen at the Crescendo with Fred Karger
Late May 52 is seen at the Macayo with her old beau, Bill Moran. Chums are sure her engagement to Guasti has been cancelled. "No comment," she says, "I promised Secondo I wouldn’t talk about it."
July 52 her escort at Ciro’s is Bill Moran
August 52 frequents Ciro’s with Moran
November 52 she and Moran are spotted at Ciro’s
December 52 is noticed at Ciro’s with Moran
6 January 54 marries producer Michael Hillel Meshekoff in Ensenada, Mexico. The two plan an extended wedding trip to Europe when Menshekoff completes disposal of his interest in "Dragnet" and other TV properties. He's 42; she's 33.
95-00 resides at 1655 Gilchrist Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210-2517
8 June 97 becomes the widow of Meshekoff, who dies at age 85 in Los Angeles
11 January 00 as Helena C. Meshekoff, she dies at age 79 in Culver City / Los Angeles, California
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