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(Tina Hillis) ?
30 January / 24 March 22 is born in Memphis, Tennessee
30 January 43 her son Robert is born. He will become renown audio designer Robert W. "Bob" Carver.
49 marries Dr. Thomas H. Carver, an Indiana University professor, in Paris, France
c. summer 51 is on the Berlin and Nuremberg stage in Arms and the Man and A Streetcar Named Desire
August 51 is the lead in The Good Old Days, a comedy performed by the American Summer Theater company at the Theatre du Vieux Colombier in Paris, France
September 51 is the title character in Miranda, performed at the Frankfurt Little Theater in Frankfurt, Germany
53 her daughter is born
September 53 as a member of the Bad Godesberg Players, she entertains the troops in Germany under the sponsorship of Special Services. Her husband, a HICOG lawyer, operates a drama workshop to train talent.
the Carvers separate
13 January 56 wins a divorce from Carver in Los Angeles. Kay Dart, a friend of hers, tells the Los Angeles Supreme Court that at times during the marriage Tina was "so distraught that it was impossible for her to speak coherently." Carver is to pay her $200 a month alimony and child support under a support settlement.
? lives in Seattle
18 February 82 as Tina J. Carver she dies age 58 in Everett, Washington; a daughter and two sons survive
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