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(Madelyn Jones)
21 March 17 is born in Salley, South Carolina, to E.G. and Ruth Jones
? attends college in South Carolina
? marries Robert Duncan, an executive at Bank of America
? her photo is entered in a contest sponsored by CBS Radio for a part in a radio play in Hollywood. She wins the part and takes the name of the character she plays, Lois Collier, as her professional name.
c. 36 as Madelyn Earle, she's in films for 20th Century-Fox
July 43 files for divorce from Duncan
1 January 44 is on the cover of Yank, the Army Weekly
January 44 young actor Helmut Dantine is seen kissing her hand
44 meets fellow actress June Vincent while filming Ladies Courageous. On a blind date together, June meets her future husband of 50 years.
August 44 the stories linking her and Dantine are uncovered as bald bunk. Their personal press agents room together.
47 is cast for Slave Girl. In 1952 she will consider this part the best she ever had.
? marries Bob Oakley
? used to meet June Vincent every week at church but loses touch when June and her husband move south
51 beams about her sophisticated part in the "Boston Blackie" TV series
22 September 57 marries 48-year-old producer and entertainment attorney Paul P. Schreibman
27 October 99 dies at age 82 from Alzheimer’s Disease. Schreibman survives. He will die at age 92 in 2001 in Los Angeles.
is interred at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, in the Hall of David, T-6-2, Crypt 6386
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