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(Pamela Helene / Dudley Curran)
2 June 29 / 30 is born in New York City, the daughter of William Greathead Curran of Grosse Point, Michigan, and his wife Helen, later to become Mrs. Frank Miller Gould of Nice, France
? studies at the Greenwood School in Ruxton / Baltimore, Maryland
48 is the deb of the year
January 49 the ideal "Miss 1949" should have the head of Pamela, the nose of model Pat Ryan, the eyes of Marlene Dietrich, the lips of Elaine Bassett, the facial bone structure of model Wendy Russel, the bust of Lana Turner, the waistline of Constance Bennett, the hips of model Jo Cagle, the legs of starlet Arlene Dahl, and the detached look of Lady Sylvia Ashley
her family disapproves of her beau. She may end all the debates with an elopement.
March 49 she and Perry Belmont Frank, Jr., are gee-whizzy
May 49 she and Don Wilson are howdy-twody
columnist Walter Winchell reports that her mother disinherits her because of her "palivanting with Hollywood’s Yonkle Doodle Dandy"
July 49 has a young Greek shipping magnate mad for her. He waits near her home until she gets in.
October 49 she and Frank have kicked it away
November 49 is seen at Le Chambord with Pete Vogel
18 January 51 secretly marries Joseph Austin Wade, Jr., in a civil ceremony in Newcastle, Delaware. A religious ceremony is performed shortly afterwards by the Reverend Agnellus Kelly in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis of Assisi in New York. Wade’s the son of Mrs. Joseph Austin Wade of Philadelphia and the late Mr. Wade, and he studied at Yale College after his graduation from Phillips Exter Academy. During World War II, Wade served as a first lieutenant in the Army Air Forces. He is president of J. A. Wade & Co., cotton brokers.
Early June 51 her parents disclose her secret wedding to the press
October 52 she and Claude Cartier, the young jewel heir, are a Colony twosome
October 53 leaves New York for "parts unknown" to think about her recent reconciliation with Wade
April 54 she and Wade drop the divorce suit that she began in Florida
will not divorce Wade in Palm Beach, Florida. She is at her uncle’s Miami Beach mansion in a jittery state.
May 54 her escort at the Viennese Lantern is Prince Christian of Hanover
20 July 54 a raiding party bursts into Bob Sweeny’s Hotel Westburn suite on New York’s fashionable Upper East Side. With Wade are his sister, Mrs. John Hearst, and private detectives Joseph Barrett and Elsie Berry. Sweeny, a former British amateur golf champion, unsuccessfully tries to bar Wade’s entrance after opening the door. Pamela’s allegedly caught nude.
November 54 is seen out with Ted Peckham of escort service fame
25 January 55 her divorce from 40-year-old Wade goes to court in New York City. Private detective Joseph Barrett testifies that Pamela was wearing "no clothes at all" and Sweeny was in pajamas when a raiding party burst in on them last July 20. Pamela has two sons by her marriage to Wade and doesn’t contest the divorce. In 1953 Sweeny was on the opposite side of a divorce action after producing testimony of his wife Joanne Connelley’s visit in a hotel with Dominican playboy Porfirio Rubirosa.
January 55 Wade won’t give back her baby photos
is with Sweeny in Palm Beach
February 56 turns down a role in the musical Mr. Wonderful
May 56 she and Sweeney, who cancelled their wedding plans a few months ago, look as though the have revived the idea
July 56 Denny Slater celebrates his birthday with her
August 56 she and Ted Peckham switch from the café society circuit to the hamburger heaven circuit
January 57 she and bandleader Sammy Kaye tell chums they’ll announce their engagement February 6
March 57 makes her screen debut in Desk Set with fellow cafè socialite Nedenia Hutton Rumbough
April 57 she and young Bob Evans sign a 7-year contract with 20th Century-Fox
June 57 dates Serge Obolensky and Jack Carter, the parlay of the year in any girl’s book
July 57 is the item of Bob Neal, who was around with starlet Karen Sharpe
Late August 57 marries Sweeny in the Round Hill Community Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. A small reception is held in Southampton, Long Island. Sweeney is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeny of New York. He’s a partner in the Federated Trust and Finance Corporation, Ltd., London, and attended Oxford University. He was a squadron leader in the Royal Air Force and founder of the Eagle Squadron. Sweeney received the Distinguished Flying Cross. His previous marriage was terminated by divorce.
September 57 she and her husband have lunch at the Ambassador. She’s dressed up in a simple black dress with lots of pearls and a bright green bow in her blond hair.
November 57 she and Sweeny are entertained by the Jock McLeans
March 58 she and Sweeny are expected to lead a denial of the rift rumors. Their close friends are busy whispering that the marriage is all over.
Sweeny dispels the separation rumors by presenting her with a stunning sapphire ring
April 58 has a small part in Who Was That Lady I Saw You With? Her brief appearance is enough to convince playwright William Noble that she has possibilities. The co-author of Blue Denim is writing a part for her in his next Broadway opus, Echoes From Thebes.
October 58 Candy Jones books her to make a publicity tour on behalf of Anne Golon’s novel Angelique. She’ll use the name Helen Dudley on the assignment, which figures to fool absolutely nobody, since there’d be little point in hiring her for the ballyhoo unless it were firmly planted with all editors concerned that she was "the" Pamela Curran.
November 58 makes the fashion news at the Colony with her golden Hindu sari
August 63 dates George Hamilton in Hollywood. She tries to make the grade on the silver screen, too.
64 is twice married and divorced, has two sons by her marriage to Joseph Wade
January 65 her newest adorer is Herbert Well, an investment broker
December 65 fluffs off actor Lance Fuller and appeals to authorities to keep him away
April 67 is seen around the spots with producer Sam Spiegel. They are at the Running Footman along with other notables like the John Steinbecks, the Vincente Minellis, Hardy Amies, Durie Bullough, Irving "Swifty" Lazar, and the very popular Harry Kurnitz. Incidentally her brother Bill will be married in London this week to an American model.
August 68 writes her friends that she could be happy with her new pursuer, the Duke de Venito, in Rome "if only the palazzo had enough bathrooms!"
April 70 her engagement to multimillionaire Bruce Norris is still on. Norris hasn’t picked up his divorce, but he has been separated from his wife, Armene, for a long time.
April 71 will make the New York scene more and more in the coming month. She has taken a flat on 96th Street near Park Avenue with that all-important ingredient - a north light.
November 71 has an accident flying back from Europe, where she was visiting her mother at her villa in Monte Carlo. The hostess spills a tray of hot tea on Pamela’s tummy and thighs, and she is so badly scalded that they have to carry her off the plane on a stretcher. Naturally, she has to postpone her film assignment in Hollywood.
September 77 the press reports that she is too busy finding homes for stray pups - she found 100 in past months - to make any movies for now
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