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(Catherine M. Downs)
3 March 26 is born in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, to James N. and Edna E. Downs
December 46 is beaued by young actor Guy Madison on New Year’s Eve because his real heart, Gail Russell, is in New York / is seen around with young actor Guy Madison, who was going places with Gail Russell
February 47 is borrowed from Sam Goldwyn to play the feminine lead in an upcoming movie from a Louis Bromfield story
January 48 gets a trip to Florida, all expenses paid, just to parade around the swimming pool of a new hotel and look beautiful
October 48 is seen at La Rue with Joe Kirkwood, Jr., young champion golfer-turned-actor
June 49 dances with John Agar at a party given by Errol Flynn at his home
she and Kirkwood are expected to altar-trek before the month’s out
August 49 scales 120 pounds for her five feet, six inches
8 October 49 marries Joe Kirkwood, Jr., at a hotel chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kirkwood’s the son of Joe Kirkwood, Sr., one of golf's greatest trick-shot artists. He’s 28: she’s 23. It’s the first marriage for each of the movie pair.
End October 49 she and Kirkwood attend the Press Photographer’s Ball. She’s made up as a dark-skinned beauty; he features a golfing cap.
April 50 her movie A Dog’s Life, starring Harold Lloyd, Jr., is held up by money tangles. All footage is completed, but a musical score is lacking, and the investors are in a deadlock.
May 50 is embarrassed about those stork rumors. "It isn’t true," she says. "What’s more I’m up for a new picture and I’m scared that I’ll lose the part. You know how producers are when they think an actress is - well, you know."
September 50 for publicity purposes, she and fellow actress Faith Domergue try the lightning-like, dangerous game of jai alai, absorbing instructions from Julio Perez, an expert
52 is crowned "Azalea Queen" at the Azalea Festival of Wilmington, North Carolina
May 52 is seen at the tennis court with Fernando Lamas, Argentina’s romantic actor and reportedly Lana Turner’s latest heartthrob
July 54 is seen at a Hollywood premiere with her husband, Kirkwood. She and Joe found that careers and marriage can mix.
10 October 54 she and Kirkwood separate after a marriage of five years
Mid-December 54 announces she plans to file divorce suit against Kirkwood in California in January, "because we are incompatible and we might as well get a divorce"
12 January 55 files for divorce from Kirkwood in Los Angeles on grounds of extreme mental cruelty. "I tried golf for his sake, but he just made fun of me."
February 55 gets her divorce from Kirkwood
May 55 Modern Screen thinks her marriage ended for a variety of reasons
November 55 she and Bob Brunson plan to marry in Mexico in November. "Before we do it, of course," says Bob, "Cathy will have to get another divorce from Joe Kirkwood, Jr., in Mexico. She’ll probably pick Juarez. Then we will be married and take a honeymoon in Texas and at Acapulco."
16 March 56 her abrogation becomes final. She probably will wed Brunson in May.
16 July 56 she and Robert M. Brunson, a Los Angeles electronics company executive and employee of Topp Industries, receive their marriage license at Santa Monica City Hall. They have known each other for eight years.
22 July 56 marries Brunson in the Beverly Hills Community Presbyterian Church. Only immediate family members attend the 4 p.m. service. He’s 34; she’s 29. It is the second marriage for each. They leave for a honeymoon to an undisclosed location.
? the couple settles at Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, California
21 July 62 she and Brunson separate on their sixth wedding anniversary
24 January 63 sues Brunson in Los Angeles Superior Court for separate maintenance, charging cruelty. She asks for reasonable support, listing her expenses at $1,050 a month. She estimates Brunson’s income at $50,000 a year. A hearing is set for February 1.
29 July 63 says in court in Los Angeles that her husband was "an extreme perfectionist" and divorces him with testimony that he couldn’t stand it if an ashtray or a magazine was not in its proper place. He’s 41; she’s 36.
8 December 76 as Cathy M. Downs, she dies at age 50 in Los Angeles, California, of cancer
76 her ex-husband, Joe Kirkwood, Jr., was in the process of drawing up a trust fund for her when he learned of her death. They had been out of touch for years when he found out she was in dire financial circumstances.
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